4 essential cleaning accessories

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4 essential cleaning accessories
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Keeping your home tidy is not an easy or obvious thing for everyone. Many people struggle with the daily cleaning of their property and look for ways to make the task easier. Indeed, cleaning does not have to be difficult and time consuming. There are accessories on the market that make it much easier to do both the big cleaning and the small, everyday tasks. Here are 4 accessories essential for cleaning

Reusable cloths for dusting and more

No household is complete without a duster. They are usually made of microfiber, but fortunately, you can increasingly find cloths made of bamboo fiber or cotton. Such a cloth perfectly collects dust and dirt from the surface and binds it between its fibers, so that the particles no longer escape to the surface until you wash it. Cloths made of microfiber or any other fiber are very multifunctional. They can be used not only for vacuuming, but also for cleaning windows and mirrors, wiping kitchen or bathroom countertops, and even for drying dishes after washing. They are resistant to cleaning products, but to keep them in the best condition for many years, it is best to use gentle and natural cleaning products, for example from https://www.biopur.org/. However, you should clearly separate cloths for different purposes and wash them quite often – at least once a week. Using reusable cloths allows you to completely abandon the use of disposable paper towels, and this is not only ecological, but also economical.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

If you have trouble getting motivated to vacuum and struggle to find the strength to take a vacuum cleaner out of the closet and put it together from several parts, and then have to switch the cord between contacts to vacuum the entire apartment, a cordless vacuum cleaner is for you! You can’t clean a floor as thoroughly with a broom as you can with a vacuum cleaner, but traditional vacuum cleaners are very impractical to use. An upright cordless vacuum doesn’t require any effort on your part to clean, making it easier for you to grab it and keep your floors clean.

Floor mop with sprayer

A clean floor is a washed floor, so using a mop also needs to be regular. Unfortunately, just like with a vacuum cleaner, there is a lot of work involved before you can even start cleaning. However, you can buy yourself a special mop with a sprayer and a liquid water tank. This way, you don’t need a big and heavy bucket of water to easily, quickly and effectively mop the floors throughout your home. The built-in sprayer in the mop handle quickly distributes the liquid water from the attached tank over the floor, and you can wipe it off quickly and easily. A small amount of water is especially important when mopping laminate floors, which can get damaged from too much moisture.

Magic sponge

Dirt on a white wall? Stains on the fridge or stubborn stains in the shower? The magic sponge has no problem! This wonderful invention allows you to get rid of stains from practically every surface in your house using only a little bit of water. This sponge is readily available, so you can even buy it at your local discount store. It works like a very fine sandpaper, so you can easily get rid of stains, but be careful when cleaning a wall with it, for example, not to rub the paint off too much and not to create a see-through.

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