Cheap snacks for a party – serving suggestions

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Cheap snacks for a party – serving suggestions
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No idea for delicious party appetizers? We come with help and suggest what to prepare and how to serve!

Party snacks – what kind?

First of all cheap and quick to prepare. They should also be rather small – they should kill the first hunger before serving a bigger hot dish. Party snacks should also be easy to eat standing up without a knife and fork. Below we suggest what you can prepare to impress your guests

Spinach and salmon?

Spinach roulade with salmon is definitely a classic among party appetizers. Simply fry a thin omelette with chopped spinach, top it with cottage cheese and add smoked salmon. Finally, roll the omelette and cut it into small pieces. If you are not skilled in frying omelets, you can use a ready-made tortilla

Classic chicken

Nuggets with a delicious dip are also a good solution for light party hunger. Just cut the chicken breast into small pieces and marinate with your favorite spices for a few hours before frying. Then just coat the chicken in the ready-made coating and deep fry. After frying, place the finished nuggets on a platter. Now it’s time for a delicious garlic dip: crush a few cloves of garlic and add to the natural yoghurt, or add your favourite spices

Something (not only) sweet for everyone

At a party you can’t miss sweet snacks either. Here with help comes ready-made puff pastry, to be bought in most markets for a few zlotys. Ready sheet of dough you just need to grease with jam or Nutella, then cut into a few centimeters squares, which corners should be folded to the center – in this way you will get delicious puff pastry pouches. Now put the cookies on a baking tray in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. Of course, the shape and form of the cookies is up to you! You can also make tubes or rolls instead of pouches. You can also stuff the puff pastry with a savoury filling (such as spinach). Puff pastry is your friend, because it can be used to make both sweet and salty snacks for a party. It will be a perfect base for pizzerias – then from a ready sheet it is worth to cut small circles (for example with a glass). Spread tomato sauce on the ready circles, add salami, cheese, spices and bake. Pizzerinki will surely make a furore at the party.

Sandwich crackers?

Yes, this is a very quick and inexpensive option. Brush crackers with your favorite cheese (it can even be cream cheese!), then place small pieces of salami or other favorite ham on top. Arrange the finished sandwiches on a platter or large plate. Enjoy the crunch! 😉


These are definitely the kings of cheap party snacks. For toothpicks you’ll need special short toothpicks, some cheese, ham and your favourite toppings (kabanosy, mozzarella, feta or pickles). Cut all ingredients into slightly larger cubes and pierce ham, cheese and other toppings one by one – create configurations as you like!

Dry bread 😉

It’s a joke, of course. But nothing goes down at parties as fast as warm bread or garlic rolls. If you have some stale bread at home, this would be a great solution to get rid of it. Brush the dried slices with butter and sprinkle them with seasonings (mainly garlic salt or garlic). Now all you have to do is put the finished breads in the oven for a few minutes, so that they brown beautifully

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