Multi-cloth. Is it possible to clean without chemicals?

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Multi-cloth. Is it possible to clean without chemicals?
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Nowadays it is increasingly popular to live in harmony with nature. This applies not only to everyday life, diet or garbage segregation, but also to cleaning. Especially in the case of the latter point, it is important to reduce the use of chemicals for cleaning various surfaces. However, what to choose instead? The best choice is a multi-cloth, which can be successfully used to wipe basically any surface. How to switch to eco-friendly cleaning?

Multi-cloth – why use it in your own home?

Let’s start with how to use the cloths, which are described as ideal for any surface in the house. The first rule is to always use them with water. It is best to choose a warm one and rinse the whole cloth, and then squeeze everything thoroughly. Then wait for the material to dry. 

After that, you can easily use it for various surfaces and without the use of chemicals, even those used for polishing, for example, wood. This will easily save you a lot of time on spreading chemicals and sometimes rinsing them off various objects. 

So that you can use it as efficiently as possible, it’s a good idea to fold the multi-cloth into 4 parts, which gives you 8 pieces of material that will be used to clean different furniture. Also remember to wipe flat, so that all sorts of dirt will be free to absorb into the microscopic holes that are in the material. On top of that, dirt, grease and other elements will remain in the structure of the material, which will prevent them from smearing on the kitchen counter, furniture or other surfaces you clean. Such cleaning is more efficient and faster.

What surfaces to use a multi-cloth for?

The most important issue is to match the cloth to the space you are cleaning. In the case of the multi version, it will be effective for basically any surface: bathroom fixtures, but also glass, mirrors and even ceramic tiles, which then do not even need to be polished! But that’s not all, you can also easily clean wood, stainless steel and household appliances, blinds, upholstery in your car, and even use it to wipe LCD screens or computer monitors! 

As for the maintenance of this type of cleaning solution, the cloth can simply be washed by hand in powder or soap, or put in the washing machine. You can then use laundry capsules or even Indian laundry nuts to make it even more eco-friendly. You can easily wash it even in warm water, but avoid very hot temperatures. So, per household, two, possibly three cloths will suffice, and you will use them in different rooms so that you don’t carry bacteria, for example, from the bathroom to the kitchen or to a room. It will certainly be ecological, effective and definitely cheaper than buying ordinary cloths and chemicals to clean your house.

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