Oven with steam function. Is it worth buying?

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Oven with steam function. Is it worth buying?
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When deciding to buy a new oven, it’s worth looking at what the market is offering you. The latest cry of fashion is the steam oven. It has a number of interesting features that will make your food healthier and tastier.

How does it work?

The ovens have a cavity with a reservoir into which you pour water. When you want to steam or boil, all you have to do is choose the right setting.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Using steam to prepare food translates into healthier meals with less fat. For example, let’s look at cooking meat, which often needs to be greased with oil to keep it from being too dry. With steam, the roast will be juicy without the need for rubbing, and what’s more, it will retain its color and flavor. The oven also offers the possibility of defrosting, reheating or steam cleaning. Depending on the manufacturer, the appliance will be equipped with different functions

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The modern technology used in ovens translates into a higher energy class, and this translates into low energy consumption. In addition, the cooking time of food is shorter, which equates to less use of electricity and more savings.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the small number of freestanding ovens. Most of those that have a steam cooking function will be found in built-in versions. You also have to spend more money if you want your purchase to have more uses and a high energy rating.

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Depending on the aforementioned number of functions or energy class, the prices of different ovens can vary significantly. The cheapest equipment will buy for about 1 200,00 – 1 400,00 zł, and the most expensive costs up to 4 500,00 zł.

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