Magic Cloth. Cleaning without detergents

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Magic Cloth. Cleaning without detergents
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Magic cloths are becoming increasingly popular! It is certainly a fantastic solution, which will improve and even a little bit make our everyday cleaning more pleasant. See what advantages and use this product has!

What is a magic cloth?

Magic cloth is a product which has been gaining popularity on the Internet for several years now. This universal cloth is based on modernized formula of MicroFiber, known already since the 80s, nowadays called MiraFiber. The combination of polyester and polyamide fibers created hollow gaps in the material that act like millions of little spoons drawing in dirt, dust and grease until they are rinsed in water

It is the water in the case of the magic cloth that acts as a detergent, because its particles allow dirt to be torn away from the cleaned surfaces. The excess water remains on the cleaned surfaces in such microscopic droplets that as it dries it leaves no trace, except of course the perfectly clean shine of the cleaned objects.

It is worth noting that MiraFibra fibers are so long, thin and durable that the cloth can successfully serve for a long time without worrying about its durability or losing threads.

Why is it worth investing in a magic cloth?

A magic cloth not only has excellent absorbing and cleaning properties, but most of all it is safe. Thanks to resignation from using detergents, we can be sure that cleaned surfaces will not be damaged and we can save money which we would normally have to spend on buying cleaning agents.

Here comes an additional aspect – the majority of the magic cloths available on the market are certified as environmentally neutral; therefore, using them, we care about the environment and support the zero waste concept by using the same cloth more than once (manufacturers suggest washing at the maximum temperature of 60 degrees)

It can be used without any fear by children, allergy sufferers and people suffering from atopic dermatitis. Therefore, it is difficult not to speak about them in only superlatives.

Where to look for them?

People interested in trying a magic cloth will have no problem finding them on the net, where the choice is almost unlimited. Most offers concern cloths of the size 40×40 cm, and the price, depending on the manufacturer, varies from 15 to 25 PLN per piece, which seems to be a reasonable investment, if we take into account the cost of detergents when using traditional materials for cleaning demanding surfaces.

Internet users in the evaluation of magic cloths also encourage the purchase. Almost on every forum we can read that if we have a lot of shiny surfaces at home, be it metal or glass, we shouldn’t think twice about such a purchase. Well, maybe it is worth trying?

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