Hall closet with seat

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Hall closet with seat
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The hallway is usually the first room seen by guests visiting our house or apartment. So it is worth taking care to make this place not only practical, but also beautiful

Closet with a seat, its advantages and disadvantages

More and more people are choosing this very solution in the hallway. Modern design and practicality are definitely advantages of a closet with a seat. Thanks to the fact that the seat is, in a way, built in the closet, all elements are coherent with one another – this is also a definite facilitation during arrangement of the anteroom, as we do not have to select a matching seat separately. A closet with a seat also does not take up as much space as each of the elements separately – this solution will therefore prove useful in small anterooms. This solution is also suitable for those who are not very familiar with interior design, or simply do not have the desire or time to think too long about the arrangement of the anteroom. The closet with a seat will perfectly fill this space, just one such piece of furniture and the room is ready

The closet with a seat also has its disadvantages. First of all, the problem may be to keep the seat clean. If its cushions are not removable, cleaning them will be a hard task. The lack of mobility of the piece of furniture can also be a problem – the seat built into the closet will always be in one place. Just like a made-to-measure closet. But if you don’t have a problem with this, take a look at our inspirations below

A few words about the hallway

You have to bear in mind that the hallway, apart from aesthetic considerations, must also meet practical ones. In a well arranged anteroom, there should be a place for a hanger or a closet for jackets and shoes, a mirror and a place to put shoes on. The shape of the room in the arrangement is also important – for example a narrow, but long anteroom should be optically enlarged with mirrors and resign from pictures and photos hanging on the walls. Unfortunately, in smaller spaces it is necessary to work a bit harder, so that they do not make a claustrophobic impression and are, above all, practical. Owners of large anterooms should opt for warm lighting – it will build the atmosphere. Large rooms also require a proper selection of accessories. The anteroom is not to be cluttered, but filled with appropriate items to give coziness and warm character to the room


Cabinets with a seat in this style are by far the most popular. The bling, quilting and silver accessories are a hit if you like the glamour style

Minimalist in white

However, if you don’t like glamour, we also have something for you. Minimalist, white closet with light, wooden seat plays first fiddle here. The whole creates a delicate, subdued anteroom with a comfortable place, for example, to put on shoes

Less is more..

In this arrangement, the size of the closet was minimized in favour of the seat. Bigger space is good for example for families with children. Everything was kept in light toned colors and creates beautiful, simple, Scandinavian character


This is a proposition for all those, who don’t feel good in spaces in glamour style, nor in minimalistic rooms. A beautiful classic closet in white color contrasts perfectly with dark accessories

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Main Photo: Max Vakhtbovych/pexels.com

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