How long is paternity leave currently – check!

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How long is paternity leave currently – check!
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Your long-awaited baby is about to be born and you want to find out more about paternity leave? Find out today how long it can last and what to do to apply for it. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this topic. Fathers-to-be wonder what conditions need to be met to apply for the days off

What you need to know about paternity leave

It is not a legal requirement to have a child, but it is a legal requirement to have a child, and it is a legal requirement to have a child, and it is a legal requirement to have a child. Both biological and adoptive fathers have the opportunity to apply for paternity leave, which is often overlooked in the information provided. Importantly, the provision that entitles a father to paternity leave does not require the father to be in an employment relationship on the date of the offspring’s birth. If a parent started working after the birth of a child who is less than one year old, or less than one year has passed since the adoption decision became final, the father is entitled to a paternity leave

It is important to know that the leave does not apply to those who, according to the law, are not raising a child. When the employer checks these inaccuracies, he has the right to reject the employee’s application. A biological father deprived of parental authority, who does not maintain contact with his child and is not involved in its care, is also not entitled to take advantage of this benefit. There is also much controversy about the relationship of the parents. According to the current law – the father of a child, who is not married to the mother of the offspring, may take a paternity leave. This kind of benefit is also collectible in case of divorce

How long is paternity leave?

The duration of paternity leave is 14 calendar days. It includes Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays. The length of the paternity leave is not affected by the number of children you have. If twins are born, the leave cannot be extended

Paternity leave may be taken as 14 days at a time or divided into two parts of 7 days each. It is possible to use only part of the available days, but in such a case it is not possible to carry them forward. It is worth knowing that when using paternity leave, the employee has the same protection as a pregnant woman and a mother who is on maternity leave. In this way, it is possible to secure the continuity of the employment relationship and a smooth return to the previously held position. The employer has the right to terminate the employment contract only with the father who was employed under a fixed-term contract. In such case, the moment of its termination expires during the paternity leave

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How can I apply for paternity leave?

Paternity leave can only be obtained by submitting an appropriate application. Paternity leave is granted only upon application by the employee. Importantly for new parents, paternity leave can be granted concurrently with maternity leave. However, the father of the child cannot waive the benefit in favour of the mother. What is more, if the leave is not used, the possibility of taking a paid two-week leave will be lost

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