Getting back in shape after giving birth

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Getting back in shape after giving birth
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Every woman dreams that after childbirth she will quickly return to her previous form. In addition, perfect photos of celebrities on social media seem to be motivating. However, such a return to shape requires time and knowledge. How to return to the pre-pregnancy condition in a healthy and fast way?

Miracle diets, difficult exercises or maybe good pregnancy management? What affects the smooth return to shape after childbirth? Despite appearances, a woman’s best friends on this road are time and understanding for her own body. However, it is possible to help the body. How to return to the old look and feel?

Getting back in shape and the type of birth

The process of getting back in shape will differ depending on whether you gave birth naturally or by Caesarean section. In the former case, if the birth went well, everything should return to normal relatively quickly. After a difficult birth or caesarean section, you need to be more understanding with yourself. Haste will be a bad advisor. Of course, some percentage of women in the world give birth and look like a million dollars. However, this is a drop in the ocean of newly mothers.

Mental balance first!

Whether you give birth for the first, second, or fifth time, it always involves major hormonal and emotional changes in your life. That’s why you need to take care of your head before you embark on exercises that will restore your flawless figure. Give yourself time for sadness, fear and joy. Remember to get help from psychologists and loved ones when needed. Share your concerns and try to be good to yourself. You have the right to have worse days and to be tired. Little people can give you a hard time.

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First the specialist, then the gym

After the postpartum period is over, you should see a urophysiotherapist. This specialist will check the condition of your pelvis, explain how to rehabilitate your C-section scar so that it doesn’t hurt and adhesions don’t form, and help strengthen weakened pelvic floor muscles. This will help protect you from the unpleasant consequences of childbirth, such as incontinence or prolapsed uterus.

Exercising after the birth

Start with light exercises to get your body used to movement. A great option is yoga or swimming to strengthen your pelvis and back. What is important after pregnancy, any physical activity is advisable, so while carrying the baby and trying to lull him to sleep, you can do gentle sumo squats, the movement will calm the baby, and you will strengthen the buttocks

Also while lying down and feeding you can do for example circular movements of the feet. All such small and seemingly simple exercises will slowly lead your body to the state before pregnancy and strengthen it.

The day after giving birth you can exercise your pelvic floor muscles. At first, let it be simple contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles. If you do not know how to do this or are concerned that they are too weak, consult a specialist. It is also worth paying attention to the separation of the white line on the abdomen after childbirth, this should also be consulted with a physiotherapist.

Wound healing

Whether it’s a scar from a C-section or a perineal incision, all wounds take time to heal. Many women still feel discomfort in the affected areas a year after giving birth. It is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations, rehabilitate the scar after cesarean, and report any concerns to the gynecologist. The healing process is different for each woman, it can take from a few weeks to even several months.

Getting back in shape – sex and another pregnancy

From a medical point of view, intercourse can be resumed after the disappearance of the postpartum feces and when at the postpartum visit the doctor finds that everything is alright. However, to make this return pleasant, it is worth investing in a gel with hyaluronic acid and before returning to sex, for a few days lubricate the inside of the vagina with it. The gel will moisten the vaginal walls and heal any irritation and micro-damage that may have arisen after childbirth. It is also important to feel comfortable and not rush the decision

If you are planning another child, it is also advisable not to rush. It takes about a year, and sometimes longer, for another pregnancy not to be a threat to the mother. Therefore, the decision about the next child should be discussed with your gynecologist.

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