Exercises for the spine. Set of exercises for people working at the computer

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Exercises for the spine. Set of exercises for people working at the computer
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More and more people work at a computer. However, we do not spend 8 hours at a time with few breaks, but rather much more. The forced position has a very bad effect on our spine and how we feel. It results in bothersome pains, and even numbness of limbs, as well as swelling of legs. So find out what exercises are recommended for people who work at a computer!

Exercises for sedentary workers

People who do sedentary work should take great care of their spine. Of course it is equally important to maintain the correct posture while sitting. The back should have proper support both in the lumbar and cervical spine area. The monitor, on the other hand, should be placed exactly at eye level. However, in addition to this, you should also perform basic exercises that significantly affect our spine, eliminating pain and tension.

At the beginning it is worth noting that while working at the computer it is worth to get up at least once an hour and stretching or walking around the room. If you have such a possibility, perform some activities standing up. It is also worth changing the position of the body while sitting, straightening legs and bending them.

The most effective exercises for the spine

If you have a sedentary job, remember to do exercises at home after a day of work. They will definitely have an impact on your quality of life. Your back will thank you for it and you will be able to enjoy better efficiency for many years. Here is what you should do!

  • Let’s start with tummy tucks. With strong abdominal muscles, your back will be relieved. Therefore, you should remember to strengthen them. When you get home, lay out a mat and do some abdominals. Of course, remember to keep your neck stiff and work the muscles that are on your abdomen. You can also do this exercise: lift your shoulder blades slightly, raise your legs and alternate touching your ankles. Twisting crunches and the well-known bicycle are also great.
  • Dry swimming is also a great exercise. Lie on your stomach and straighten your arms and legs. Raise your legs so that they are a few inches above the ground and your knees do not touch the ground. Now move your legs and arms up and down alternately.
  • Push-ups are another exercise that strengthens the muscle corset. However, remember to perform them correctly. To make it easier you can use special ankles under your hands. You can also alternatively do so called plank, just arrange yourself like for a push-up. Your body should form an even line. Stabilize it and hold this position for as long as possible.
  • It’s also great to jump on a skipping rope to strengthen your legs and stretch your arms.

After these exercises, which are called strengthening exercises, it is good to stretch for a while. Then you should do a series of bends with an erection, stretch your arms and legs, drawing them to the torso while standing or bending down to the floor in a straddle.

This will give your back muscles a great stretch and get them ready for the next few hours of work. 

main photo: unsplash.com/bruce mars

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