Dressing table in a small bedroom. How to organize it?

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Dressing table in a small bedroom. How to organize it?
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Toilette is an excellent solution that will work even in a small bedroom. However, you need to know how to arrange it in a small interior to make it nice and practical at the same time!

Not everyone can boast a huge bedroom with a huge bed and plenty of space. On the contrary, most rather have to settle for a small space. But even such can be arranged in such a way that it will be beautiful and functional. And on top of that, it will contain everything necessary. Many people are convinced that in the case of a small bedroom there is no chance for a dressing table and this piece of furniture must remain in the realm of dreams. Nothing could be further from the truth! 

Mirror on the wall and a small table.

If the bedroom is really cramped and every centimeter counts, a good solution is to stick a decorative mirror to the wall and set a tiny table by it, under which a small stool or pouffe will hide. In the drawers you will be able to keep the necessary cosmetics, and the whole thing will really take up a minimum of space. In addition, a mirror on the wall will additionally make the bedroom optically appear larger. It is worth choosing a dressing table in light shades, because dark ones can make the area seem smaller and overwhelming.

Large opening mirror and pouffe

In recent years, standing, opening mirrors have become very popular. To them is matched with a pouffe, which can stand anywhere in the bedroom. Such a dressing table takes up little space. In the opening mirror we can successfully hide not only cosmetics, but also jewelry. The solution will work even in studio apartments. The mirror is down to earth, so you can browse in it, preparing the styling for the day. 

A princess table? Why not!

Most girls dream of a tiny white table with drawers and a semicircular mirror. Such a so-called “princess dressing table” is not only adorable, but also works well in cramped rooms, as it does not take up too much space. The furniture’s rather thin legs add lightness and gracefulness, which is important in small bedrooms.  

Toilet and desk at the same time

A dressing table that also serves as a desk is also a good idea. Such a piece of furniture can be bought ready-made or ordered from a carpenter, who will fit it every centimeter. In this case, a good idea is a dressing table with a top in the color of natural wood and thin legs, for example, made of tubes. Add to it a sizable mirror in a nice frame and we have a beautiful piece of furniture that can have different purposes. A wicker armchair, a pouffe or a decorative stool, for example, which will be hidden under the top so that it does not take up additional space, will fit perfectly.

main photo: unsplash.com/Li Yang

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