Advantages of electric laundry dryers

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Advantages of electric laundry dryers

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It’s no secret that technology is advancing at a very fast pace. The constant modernization of new, electrical appliances is supposed to make our lives easier – we already have vacuum cleaners, which vacuum for us, or refrigerators, which are able to report us some shortages. Is it worth betting on electric dryers in the era of this technological leap? Definitely yes! Not only will they help us save a lot of time, but their compact size will make us hardly notice their presence. What other advantages do electric dryers have?

Dryers for laundry – a fad or a useful tool?

Laundrydryers are household appliances similar to washing machines. While their external design is almost identical, the functions of these devices are quite different – a washing machine washes our clothes, while dryers dry them. But do we need a device that serves only to dry the laundry, which, after all, we can easily carry out outside our home or just hanging the laundry on the strings? Of course we do! Laundry dryers are quite inconspicuous, but they bring with them a lot of functionality and advantages

Let’s get to know them

Saving space with clothes dryers

While drying clothes should not cause us any problems if we live in a house, residents of blocks of flats or tenement houses may already have problems with it. Often we can not hang out laundry on the balcony due to lack of space or the weather. The small space in most blocks of flats also doesn’t allow much room for manoeuvre when it comes to hanging up cords – all in all, no matter where we place them, it can significantly reduce the free space we need to move freely around the house. Laundry dryers solve this problem. Their size is similar to washing machines, so we can place them in a built-in and enjoy dry laundry without having to swamp the entire apartment with it. For particularly small homes, there’s even a solution that combines washing and drying in one, such as the Electrolux PerfectCare 800 washer-dryer. It’s a great way to save space and get your laundry fresh and dry at the same time

Heat pump tumble dryers – the ecological aspect

If ecological aspects are important to you, you can easily bet on heat pump laundry dryers. The method of use itself does not differ from standard models, however, the technology applied in them is a modern, ecological solution which has been successfully used for many years as a way to heat rooms. A heat pump works a bit like a refrigerator – just like a refrigerator gives up its heat to get rid of it and thus keep the cold inside, a dryer takes some heat from the environment. It then uses it to warm up the air inside, taking advantage of its closed circulation, without being exposed to temperature drops. It’s a very eco-friendly solution that the environment, and our wallet, will appreciate

Don’t like hanging out laundry or ironing? Opt for a tumble dryer

Traditional folding tumble dryers aren’t just for people living in small spaces – even if you have enough room in your apartment or house to hang up your laundry without a problem, you may not have the time or inclination. And that’s understandable, because running between the cords with heavy, wet laundry isn’t the most pleasant of tasks. With a clothes dryer, you can eliminate this problem and enjoy the time savings. An additional advantage that it generates is also the lack of need to iron clothes. Our clothes after thorough drying will simply not require it. The previously mentioned Electrolux PerfectCare 800 has a special system of rotating the drum, which eliminates the need for subsequent time-consuming ironing. As you can see, dryers for laundry are also an option for those of us who are more comfortable, and of course, there is nothing wrong with that – we will not get our time back, so it is definitely not worth wasting it on laborious and tedious activities, such as drying laundry or ironing.

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