How to choose tiles for the interior?

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How to choose tiles for the interior?

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Recently, floor and wall tiles are experiencing a renaissance. Arrangements with bold and intensive patterns on ceramics appear more and more often in apartments combining classics with modernity. Read how to use tiles as an effective decor element.

Patchwork tiles

Colorful motifs on tiles – especially those resembling images seen in a children’s kaleidoscope or original patchwork compositions – are a daring play, which will be perfect for interiors maintained in rustic and eclectic style. Strong tile accents in neutral colors of furniture and walls will allow to create a coherent arrangement. Thanks to various colored tiles, you can achieve a spectacular effect in your apartment

When it comes to tiles for the kitchen wall look to ornate designs inspired by the Orient. You can brighten up the room with mosaic-style ceramics and Moroccan tiles. If you plan to combine several patterns, take care to avoid overdoing it, which could cause chaos and optically diminish the room.


Terazzo tiles, also known as terrazzoterrazzo tiles, also known as terrazzo tiles, were made from ground up concrete with the addition of various aggregates and colorants. For many people terrazzo may bring to mind the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, but modern manufacturers ensure that their tiles are associated with better quality and a wide range of colors

Terrazzo is a dynamic pattern, but not imposing. It can be a great complement to raw and modern interiors. The fact that the ceramics stylized as terrazzo attract attention is mainly due to the irregularly shaped elements immersed in it. This pattern is pleasant to look at, allows for unlimited arrangement possibilities, and also enlivens the interior. It is worth remembering that tiles in warm tones will make the room look more cozy. Wide windowsills made of imitation terrazzo, stylized in the style of the 1980s, are the hit of the season.

Three-dimensional tiles

In interior design, we can play with color, as well as shape and texture of the tiles. It is worth considering the purchase of three-dimensional tiles, which give the effect of depth. Convex tiles are available with matte or glossy glaze finish. They look great in the evening, when the light brings out their shadows. They are sure to delight fans of glamour and eclectic style.

Ceramics in retro and vintage style

If you are fascinated with vintage and shabby chic style, you should check out tiles for the bathroom retro, based on stoneware backing. Be inspired by 19th century, modernist design and choose bright, deliberately aged tiles, which go well with natural wood or raw concrete. Opt for delicate, streamlined tile lines, elegant fixtures and original details such as gold-colored towel holders.

Tiles in original shapes

Unusual shapes of wall and floor tiles allow to hide unevenness of the floor, as well as create a unique composition. You can choose from oval forms, hexagons, fish scales, rhombuses, triangles and arabesques. Most tiles are small in size, so they can be a complementary styling element. Create a uniform pattern on the floor like a sheet of glass, or design a dense and distinctive strip running between the kitchen counter and cabinets. Mix up the shapes and colors and go for different finishes. The possibilities of arrangement are limited only by your imagination.

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