Carrot stains. How to clean them from children’s clothes?

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Carrot stains. How to clean them from children’s clothes?

Carrot stains usually appear on the clothes of small children. They belong to one of the most persistent stains

Usually, the powder used for everyday washing is not effective enough, and strong chemicals are not recommended due to the delicate and prone to irritation skin of the child. How to get rid of carrot stain quickly and effectively? Check out our methods!

Basic rules of stain removal

Regardless of the origin of the stain and the stain remover you choose, it is worth to follow several basic rules. First, blot the stain immediately, do not wait until it is completely absorbed. Secondly, never soak the stain in warm water as it will become more durable. Thirdly, do not put it directly into the washing machine or iron it, because the stain may forever penetrate the fabric structure. If you follow the above tips, you have a good chance of getting your clothes stained quickly and effectively.

Homemade stain removers

You can confidently use the following stain removal products to get rid of a carrot stain:

  1. Grey soap – if you’re dealing with a just-formed stain, soak it in cold water, then lather it with intensely dampened grey soap until a lather forms, and leave it like that for a few hours, then machine wash it as recommended on the label.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide – if the carrot stain is not the freshest, pour hydrogen peroxide on it and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then blot in cold water with grey soap, set aside for another 15 minutes and blot again, then throw in the washing machine and add a tablespoon of baking powder to the washing powder.
  3. Butter or baby oil – rub the grease on the stain and wash the garment in dishwashing liquid.
  4. Borax – prepare a thick paste of borax and water, rub the paste on the stain and put it aside to dry, then wash it in the washing machine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Sodium percarbonate – it is called “natural stain remover” – soak the stained fabric in a solution of 3 liters of water and 2 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate, then set aside for about 2 hours. After that time, wash the fabric in a washing machine.

Ready-made stain removing products

If the above measures do not bring the desired effect, you can use ready-made eco stain removing products. You will find a wide range of eco stain removers in the form of tablets, liquid, spray, gel, powder or bar soap. The most popular are stain removing soaps such as: galas, marseille or olive

Remember! Do not use strong chlorine-based chemicals with petroleum derivatives, phosphates, optical brighteners, preservatives or fragrances. They can cause severe allergic reactions and irritation to your baby’s delicate skin, plus they are dangerous to our health and the environment.

Where do carrot stains come from?

To get rid of carrot stains more easily, it’s good to know where they come from. The pigment beta-carotene is responsible for the orange tones of the stains on clothes. It has a very beneficial effect on the human body, but it also has strong staining properties, that’s why it is so troublesome to wash out carrot stains from clothes

However, it is worth knowing that beta-carotene is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. This means that if the stain still hasn’t disappeared after trying to remove it, the sun’s rays will deal with it once and for all. So it’s worth hanging the garment out in full sun and watching the stain disappear almost magically.

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A fed and soiled baby is a happy baby! Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of carrot stains from clothes. It’s important to wash the clothes in cold water immediately after you’ve finished eating. Then the stains come off easier and faster. If you remember about the stain after a few days, then you need to work a little harder, but using the above-mentioned remedies or exposing to sunlight, you can easily get rid of the stain.

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