Family movie night, How to make popcorn at home?

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Family movie night, How to make popcorn at home?
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I think everyone loves a family movie night. A good movie plus a bowl of popcorn is a must. Just how to prepare a tasty snack at home yourself?

Watching movies together is a great opportunity to do something together with the whole family. Such moments, contrary to appearances, are very important, and on top of that they unite. The basis of watching together are snacks, and among them must not miss popcorn. Some people rely on a ready-made, store-bought product, but there’s no fooling – the tastiest is the freshly prepared one.

Microwave popcorn – the most convenient solution

The easiest solution is to choose popcorn for cooking in the microwave. You can choose from classic salted popcorn, with butter or caramel. All you have to do is remove the foil, put the popcorn in a special paper wrapper in the microwave and set it to the time specified on the package. Usually these are 3-4 minutes. After this time, simply open the package gently and pour the snack into a bowl. 

Unfortunately, it turns out that frequent reaching for microwave popcorn is harmful. Such a product contains perfluorooctanoic acid, which is a toxic substance and in excess can lead to the development of kidney or bladder cancer.

Pot popcorn – how to make it?

Many people who make pot popcorn admit that they will never replace it with the one from the store or in the microwave. Besides, buying proven grains to prepare popcorn, we are aware that the snack is much healthier. 

To prepare popcorn you need special grains, which can be found in most grocery stores. It is best to choose organic ones, without unnecessary and unhealthy additives. To roast popcorn you also need oil, coconut oil or clarified butter. People who love buttery popcorn should bet on the last of these fats. Ordinary butter is inadvisable, because the grains can burn on it. 

To make perfect popcorn, pour enough oil to cover the entire bottom of the pot. Then heat the oil to about 160 degrees Celsius and pour in the corn. The corn should cover the entire bottom, but there should not be too much of it. Then we slightly reduce the heat and cover the pot. Once half of the pot is filled with popcorn – it’s a good idea to lift the lid slightly, such a procedure will make the popcorn tastier and crispier. 

Popcorn from the machine

Popcorn lovers may think about buying a special popcorn machine. Then they don’t have to worry about burning the kernels. Such a machine costs from a few dozen to even a few hundred zlotys. Its operation is very easy, and you can prepare different variants of popcorn, depending on your desire. All you have to do is pour in the grains and choose a particular program. 

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