Mission dinner – how do you organize your meals for the week?

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Mission dinner – how do you organize your meals for the week?
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Are you planning to eat healthy? Or maybe you have been wanting to stop eating out for a long time, but you are afraid that you have too many duties during the week to prepare your own meals every day? If so, we have an interesting proposal for you. In the course of our article, you will learn how to organize your meals for the whole week

Meal planning remains one of the most popular solutions. It is what allows us to count on our perseverance in the process of healthy eating. There is a huge advantage to planning meals for the entire week. It significantly reduces the costs we have previously spent on food. In the case of preparing lunches for six days for two adults it costs on average 150 PLN per week. At this price it is difficult to imagine eating more than two meals out. In case you want not only to pay attention to what you eat, but also to take care of minimizing the costs associated with grocery shopping, it is worth learning how to plan meals for a whole week, for example

How do you plan your meals?

Learning how to meal plan doesn’t have to be complicated at all. It is important to take care of a few basic rules. Meals for the next week should be planned in advance. The best day is Friday. During this day you can learn about the plans of your household members and determine when to use instant solutions, and which days allow you to prepare dinner together at home

Choose recipes and start cooking with Sunday dinner. This is what will become the basis for the next dishes. The next step is to check the available products at home. Create a grocery list with the exact amount of products you need and follow it as you shop. Head to the grocery store on Saturday and try, if possible, to buy all the necessary products to create a tasty and practical menu for the week

The culinary weekend concludes with a cookout, which is best done on Sunday. Even if you don’t have a lot of free time, taking every moment to prepare the basics for your meals for the week will make your job much easier. This is the perfect time to prepare at least some of your meals or take care of preparing half-finished meals. This way, even when something urgent comes up during the week, you have no excuse. Your meals are ready or all you need is a combination of individual ingredients

Weekly menu

When meals for an entire week are to be prepared for a large family, there is no going without a good and effective plan. First of all, the most important thing is to repeat the process. Try to set aside a few minutes on a particular day of the week. Then it will be much easier to plan, because it will become a habit repeatedly

While planning, pay attention to the weekly routine of each member of your household. Consider which evenings will be relaxed enough to prepare a meal for the next day. In addition, we must pay attention to the days when the family will have dinner together at home. When the planned menu must include dishes that are easy to pack and transport due to the need to eat them on the run – during work, after a workout, between classes, etc., it is also worth considering this in the schedule.

The schedule should also take into account the number of meals for the day. Typically on Sunday, dinner will consist of two courses. On the other days of the week, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the accompanying rush. After preparing the schedule, it’s time to get ready for the big cooking. The first step is to choose the right recipes and write down a shopping list, followed by shopping

The recommended solution when preparing meals is to start with a base dish. A Sunday dinner will provide you with half-finished ingredients to create subsequent dishes. Examples include making broth, roasting chicken, vegetables, or making sauces

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