How to freshen up your mattress

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How to freshen up your mattress

We refresh our bedding regularly – change, wash, air it… But what about your mattress? See how you can freshen it up.

Did you know that your mattress collects a lot of dust, bacteria and germs, which can lead to allergies and have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep? That’s why it’s important to refresh your mattress from time to time, as well as your bed linen. See how to do it.

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Steam cleaning your mattress

The best way to freshen up your mattress is to steam clean it. We can do this by using a steam generator, which, based on high temperature and appropriate pressure, effectively removes bacteria and germs from the cleaned surface

How does a steam generator work?

The generated steam jets penetrate deep into the fabric and reach the deepest layers of the mattress, thoroughly removing micro-organisms as well as unpleasant odours. The steam generator is also able to remove dust and debris, even dust mites, from your mattress

A refreshed mattress = a better night’s sleep

Cleaning your mattress in this way on a regular basis can significantly improve the quality of your sleep and have a positive impact on your comfort during rest.

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