Brushing children’s teeth. How to encourage them?

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Brushing children’s teeth. How to encourage them?
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Every parent at some point in the life of their child faces the challenge of learning to brush teeth. In some children this process is painless, and brushing teeth in the morning or evening becomes natural. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Make it fun!

The simplest solution is to show your child that brushing teeth is an activity like any other. It is important to be a role model for the child. When the child sees that we also brush teeth, it will want to imitate us. Sometimes, however, this is not enough and one has to resort to more sophisticated methods. Then it’s worth to present the process of brushing as a game, thanks to which this unpleasant necessity will become more bearable

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What can help?

Take a small hourglass to the bathroom to measure the time needed to thoroughly clean your teeth. There are also special drops on the market that stain plaque, which is already an interesting variation. Even seemingly mundane aspects such as the choice of toothbrush (electric or sonic, or a colourful handle with a favourite cartoon character) or the flavour of the toothbrush can be extremely helpful.

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