How to organize a move?

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How to organize a move?
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Moving is always a big event in life. It is connected not only with excitement related to changing the place of residence, but also with great confusion and slight trepidation. How to organize a move so that it goes smoothly, without complications and unnecessary stress? This is a completely feasible task, provided that you plan the whole undertaking well in time. See what to do for a smooth move.

Gather boxes and cartons

When moving, cardboard boxes are always a scarce commodity. Try to collect them in advance. Moving out is hardly a decision that is made and enforced overnight. Therefore, you usually have time to stock up on cardboard boxes for transportation in advance. Cardboard for moving must be sturdy, not damaged, torn, or cut. For example, you may visit some stores that have unneeded cardboard boxes after unloading goods, but you often find that they are torn or cut. It is best to keep the boxes in which purchases from online stores come. You can also buy them inexpensively from wholesale stores. You have to believe that you will need a lot of them, so don’t throw away any cardboard box that comes into your home

Arrange transportation

If you have furniture in the apartment or house you are moving out of that you want to take with you to your new place, arrange transportation for it a little in advance. This way, you can make sure that the moving company will have a free car on the date of your move out and will surely be there on the agreed date. This will definitely save you a lot of stress and problems. Also if you have some furniture or oversized junk to throw away, take care of the removal of bulky items . Warsaw and other large cities are not the kind of cities where you can quietly transport large garbage by car. Numerous police and municipal police patrols make illegal handling of oversized garbage, rightly so, impossible. Organizing the transport of difficult-to-carry items will allow you to better think about and plan for the transport of the rest of the smaller items

Group items by use and material

When packing items into boxes, divide them into categories. Pack your kitchen items separately, your bedroom items separately, and your living room items in different boxes. This will make it easier to unpack them in the new place. You will avoid unnecessary running from room to room and you will unpack faster in your new home. Grouping items by material will minimize the risk of damage to, for example, ceramic or glass items. For example, pack kitchen towels together with breakable items. Cups, glasses, or vases separated by fabric towels will not bump into each other and their movements during transport will be cushioned. Also sharp objects should be properly grouped and secured, so that they do not damage the cardboard box or other items with which they are packed

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Moving doesn’t have to be scary, chaotic and stressful. Good organization is the foundation for packing and transporting your belongings efficiently. If you start planning in advance, you will be able to move quickly and stress-free

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