Shoe waterproofing. How to protect suede shoes?

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Shoe waterproofing. How to protect suede shoes?

Suede shoes require special impregnation. It is a beautiful, very elegant material, but without proper care we can easily destroy it. Check how to care for suede shoes.

No to moisture and sun

First of all, shoes must always be cleaned of sand and dust after each return home. If it’s snowing or raining heavily, it’s better to opt for a different material, because wet weather is a big risk for moisture-sensitive suede. Leaving suede shoes in the sun for too long is not beneficial either, as this can fade its color. If we are careful, we will enjoy shoes made of this material for a long time.


Suede is a striking, elegant, but also demanding material. Already at the time of purchase, it is worth equipping ourselves with special pastes for this type of shoes. Fortunately, the market offers many products for suede. You can choose from sprays, pastes, waxes and pomades. The preparations should be applied on clean, dried shoes with a special brush or cloth. The most important is the regularity of application.

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