Do you have a large kitchen? We suggest how to decorate it

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Do you have a large kitchen? We suggest how to decorate it

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A big kitchen means big design possibilities. However, it can also prove to be quite a challenge. Here we tell you how to arrange a large space so that your kitchen is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

We often wonder how to design a kitchen with a small footprint. But it turns out that a large kitchen also requires considerable organisational and arranging skills. So how can a large kitchen be arranged in a way that not only looks beautiful, but is also comfortable and functional? We suggest!

Kitchen island – the perfect solution for a large kitchen

If you want your kitchen to look impressive and be comfortable, kitchen islands are a great solution. They are extremely practical because they reduce the distances between key places in your kitchen. This way, all the key places in your kitchen such as countertops, stove and refrigerator will be connected to each other in some way, and using them will become much more convenient and intuitive. Keep in mind, however, that when deciding on a kitchen with an island, it is a good idea to return specific furniture. Kitchen islands can be part of the equipment of both modern kitchens, as well as more traditional. So if you want a more modernistic decor, you can opt for an island and kitchen cabinets in simple solid shapes. However, if you want to introduce a more classic atmosphere to your kitchen, then traditional wooden furniture and Provencal furniture are definitely the solution for you.

Intuitive and convenient arrangement of equipment

When it comes to a large kitchen, intuitive and convenient arrangement of equipment is extremely important. In interiors with considerable space, efficient organization can prove to be quite a challenge, so it is worth making it a little easier for yourself just by arranging furniture and equipment. It is important, above all, that the three most important elements of equipment, namely the fridge, stove and kitchen sinks create a triangle. This will make preparing meals more efficient and faster.

Kitchen with dining room

Large interiors also give you the opportunity to combine several functions. So you can arrange the kitchen so that it serves not only as a place to prepare meals, but also a place to eat them. So it’s a good idea to designate two separate spaces in the kitchen. One of them should be typically working – that’s where you’ll put all the typical kitchen furniture. The other should be used for a table and chairs, trying to make it comfortable and spacious.

When decorating this interior, pay special attention to the table. After all, it is often said that it is the heart of the house. A beautiful looking solution is a large round table. Its great advantage is the fact that, depending on what material of construction you choose, it will fit into both industrial, Scandinavian and more traditional interiors. Also do not forget to choose the right lighting, which will illuminate evenly the cooking zone and the dining zone. For such a combined interior, you can also buy a small bar, in which you will be able to store various drinks. Such a solution will be a brilliant idea if you plan to organize parties – both smaller and larger ones.

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