Is it possible to equip a kitchen well at a low cost?

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Is it possible to equip a kitchen well at a low cost?

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Renovations and changes in interior design are often associated with high costs. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s a quick guide to how you can sparingly furnish and equip your kitchen.

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why it’s worth taking special care of its arrangement. But what can you do if you’re on a tight budget? Find out how you can furnish your kitchen inexpensively.

Open shelves instead of cabinets

If you want to save a little on kitchen furniture, a fairly simple way is to forgo built-in wall cabinets in favor of shelves. Fronts are one of the more expensive elements of kitchen cabinetry, so by forgoing them, you will save significantly. Moreover, shelves have a lot of charm and can completely change the character of the interior. Remember, however, that in the case of such a solution, you will need much more care about tidiness

Renovating furniture and fixtures

If you want to dramatically change your kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy new furniture. Instead, you can redecorate the old ones, for example, by painting them a completely different color. Paints dedicated to kitchens, and more specifically to kitchen furniture, have properties that guarantee that the final effect will last. Moreover, painting does not require you to spend a lot of money – the cost of buying paint is the biggest expense, but the painting itself most people are able to do on their own. There is also no need to invest in specialized equipment, because all you need is a classic brush or roller and a small brush to correct the details.

Another way to refurbish kitchen furniture without having to buy new furniture is to simply replace the countertop. This is one of the most visible and conspicuous finishing touches in the kitchen, and replacing it with a new model will make an instant impact. A countertop also allows you to change or enhance the style of your kitchen. For example, opting for a dark lacquered wood worktop will bring in a glamorous vibe, with one made from a warm, light wood like oak, your kitchen will become more cosy, and a worktop made from black or grey stone will give a modern feel

If you want to make an even bigger change, then you can also replace your kitchen sink, for example with a granite single bowl sink or if you have more space with a double bowl sink. The traditional silver sink and faucet look rather conservative and certainly not very spectacular, so simply replacing this one piece of kitchen equipment may be the key to an arrangement success.

Light up your kitchen

Sometimes the key to success in rearranging the interior is its lighting. Often it is enough to change the lampshade itself, or sometimes just the bulb. Analyze what kind of light gives the one you currently have – cold, warm? Experiment with light and you will see how much it can change your kitchen. In addition, you can use the recently fashionable led lights on tape, placing them under cabinets or shelves. In this way they create a striking atmosphere and effectively illuminate the countertop, making it easier for you to prepare your favorite dishes. These lights do not shed and the light itself is soft and gentle, making led lights a brilliant way to transform the character of your interior.

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