School backpack. What to look for when buying a backpack?

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School backpack. What to look for when buying a backpack?
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The school year is fast approaching, so it’s high time to complete the student’s layette. At the top of the shopping list is sure to be a new backpack. Children grow quickly and every now and then they need something new, adapted to their age. We suggest what to look for when buying a backpack.

A backpack is certainly the most important part of a school layette. Children usually want to be involved in its selection, with the most common reason being the visual aspects, deciding on models with their favorite cartoon characters or patterns popular among their peers. Parents often give in to their kids’ persuasions and buy backpacks they like. There is no denying that the appearance of the backpack, as well as other school trinkets, is of great importance, but more important are such features as durability, strength and fit to the age of the child. Properly selected backpacks will not adversely affect the child’s health and posture. Let our kids choose the color and design, but let’s evaluate the potential purchase in terms of usability and convenience. What should we pay attention to?


School-age children have a lot to carry – their backpacks have to hold pencil cases, books, notebooks, second breakfasts, sports outfits. Such weight students are forced to carry for up to a dozen hours a week. This is a heavy burden on their developing bodies, so it’s worth making it easier for them. The most important recommendation is that the weight of a packed backpack should not exceed 10% of the child’s weight. So we need to tailor the choice of model to individual needs. A good idea is to buy a backpack with a frame, which guarantees even distribution of weight, so the spine is relieved, and it is easier for the child to maintain the correct posture. Try to choose the lightest possible models, weighing more than a kilogram and containing numerous pockets and compartments, which also help distribute the weight evenly.

Backpacks on wheels are an interesting solution. Children can pull them like a traveling suitcase, so they won’t feel their weight. However, carrying such backpacks up stairs or guiding them over uneven sidewalk can be cumbersome.

Dimensions and capacity

The dimensions and capacity of the backpack are selected according to the height and figure of the child. The upper edge of the backpack should end at shoulder height, and the lower edge should end at pelvic height. In turn, its width should not exceed the width of the child’s shoulders.

What about the capacity? The capacity of school backpacks usually ranges from 20 l to 30 l. If the child can leave some of the textbooks and notebooks at school, for example, in the locker, then we can buy a smaller model. The most important thing is that the selected backpack should have at least one compartment that can accommodate A4 size. Also pay attention that the back of the backpack is stiffened and contoured. Optimal carrying comfort will also be ensured by adjustable, wide and soft suspenders. The perks will be additional straps and buckles fastened at the front on the chest, will affect the comfortable distribution of the entire weight.


A school backpack has to endure a lot – snow and rain while on the road, kicking and throwing on the floor. Let’s choose models made of durable, waterproof materials (for example, polyester) that are easy to clean and machine washable. Let’s also check whether a given backpack has the necessary approvals and certificates.

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