Led light bulbs. The way to lower electricity bills

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Led light bulbs. The way to lower electricity bills
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Replacement of traditional light bulbs for light-emitting diodes is recommended by experts because of their energy efficiency and ecology. Did you know that in the annual perspective, savings on electricity through the use of LEDs can count in the hundreds of zlotys?

Energy efficiency

LEDs typically use 10% of the energy used by traditional incandescent bulbs. If you have compact fluorescent lamps, the difference is not as significant because it is only 50% less energy used, but in the long run the change is still worth it.

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If you change the bulbs only inside the house, where the light shines only a few hours during the day, the savings will be a few pennies a day. Light-emitting diodes will be excellent as outdoor lighting, when the light is on all night. In this case, replacing them should be obligatory as it will significantly reduce your electricity bill.

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Replacing 10 traditional light bulbs with 10 LED bulbs will save you about 500 PLN per year. In favor of electroluminescence is also its extremely long life.


In addition to energy efficiency, LEDs also guarantee durability. They last 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, 25 times longer than halogen bulbs and 8-10 times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs. LEDs will last about 11 years and as a result, you will save a lot of money by not having to replace the bulb as often as the traditional version.

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