How to protect your home from the heat?

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How to protect your home from the heat?
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Summer is in full swing and temperatures can reach as high as 30 degrees Celsius. It’s hard to stand such heat, especially in city apartments. The easiest way would be to install air conditioning, but not everyone can afford it and not in every place air conditioning can be installed. Today we will tell you how to protect your apartment from the heat in other ways.

Choice of apartment is important

Apartments located higher up, closer to the sun, will heat up much faster than those located closer to the first floor. When looking for your dream nest, it is worth taking this into account


The easiest thing you can do to protect your apartment from the unbearable heat is to install roller blinds. They should be dark in color and made of slightly thicker material, so that they do not let the sun’s rays through. Until 12 o’clock the blinds can be rolled up, but after that the sun is at its highest, and therefore is then the warmest – so remember to cover the windows around 12 o’clock. External shutters will work on a similar basis. The most important thing during hot weather is to limit the penetration of light and heat through the windows to an absolute minimum – your apartment will be dark, it is a fact, but think about the pleasant coolness.


It is also important to ventilate your home – try to do this either early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature outside is already lower. Try not to open the windows during the day – the heat will rush into the rooms, and without air conditioning it will be difficult to cool the apartment

It is also a good idea to get a fan in advance to blow the heat inside the house. However, you should think about buying a fan a little earlier. At the time of the greatest heat, there may not be many options available in stores. Portable air conditioners are also a good buy, as they cool the room much better than a fan. The problem, however, is getting the warm air and condensation out. Air conditioners, like air conditioning, can also cause respiratory illnesses and colds. If you do decide to use one, be sure not to direct the stream of cold air directly at yourself. Don’t set the temperature too low either – it’s very easy to get heat shock during extreme heat

Let go of cooking

As it turns out, cooking during hot weather is also important – it’s best to opt for meals that don’t require long cooking or baking. Using a stove or oven will add heat to your home, which is something you want to avoid

Less electronics

All electrical appliances can also give off a lot of heat. During hot weather, it is a good idea to limit the use of these devices and try to switch off those that are not currently in use. At least to a small extent it will help to prevent your home from overheating. The ongoing pandemic, and thus home office, are still our reality – the use of electronics in many cases cannot be avoided. If you, too, have to work in front of a heated computer for hours on end, you can cool off with some Japanese ways. Simply soak a small towel in water and place it on your neck or wrists. This is an emergency solution, of course, but it can save you in a crisis situation.

Sleep peacefully

It is also a good idea to change your bedding for the hot season. On summer days, the lightest possible comforters will work best, some people also decide to sleep under just a pillowcase or a soft blanket

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