Portable air conditioner – the way to hot weather

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Portable air conditioner – the way to hot weather
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Summer is the time when hot weather hits us. This is undoubtedly due to the warming climate and higher temperatures in both summer and winter. Days when thermometers indicate more than 30 degrees are becoming more and more frequent. How to survive them?

Ways to deal with the heat

There are many ways to help us cope with the heat: clothing made of natural fabrics, drinking plenty of water, portable fans, and air conditioning. When we decide to purchase and install a home air conditioner, we have two basic options to choose from: wall-mounted air conditioners and portable air conditioners. In this clash, in our opinion, the portable model definitely wins, for several reasons. First is its attractive price, usually almost half that of traditional models. Secondly, you do not have to interfere with the interior or ask for permission from the administration and neighbors. You install the equipment yourself, which also saves money. Just set up the air conditioner and put the pipe outside the window, and seal the hole. Plus, you can place the equipment where you need it most. Admittedly, portable air conditioners are a bit louder than wall-mounted ones, but the noise does not exceed 50 dB. and is not troublesome

When installing the air conditioner, remember that the difference in temperature inside and outside should not exceed 7 degrees Celsius – this will help avoid thermal shock.

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