Water filter pitcher. Economy and ecology

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Water filter pitcher. Economy and ecology
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Bottled water, even that in disposable bottles made from recycled plastic, is also a burden on the environment. Despite the fact that reusing plastic, of which we already have a lot, is good for the planet, it still doesn’t solve the problem. Especially since many people don’t follow the rules of trash separation, and then the bottles end up in a landfill and decompose just like other waste. Therefore, it is worth choosing something definitely better. Water jugs with filters are not only ecological in their pure form, but also save money!

Be eco-friendly, drink tap water

Tap water used to seem practically undrinkable. Most people thought that you should even boil the water that was later used to make soup, and some even then used the bottled one. Of course, tap water has never been toxic, but actually its condition has improved a lot over the years. Especially in big cities, where there are modern sewage treatment plants. You can therefore drink the same water that is in your tap without any worries. 

However, it is worth cleaning it additionally. For this purpose, there are innovative pitchers with a carbon filter, which are now more and more popular. On sale you will find many proposals, from the classic ones made of plastic, to modern, but also more expensive models made of thick glass and complemented only by a plastic lid and a container, into which we put the filter. 

The filters themselves, however, are in a plastic cover, but it is a recycled product and the layer is very thin. Inside is a carbon cartridge that is responsible for filtering the water. It is extremely effective, and it has no negative impact on our health. As a rule, the cartridge itself is sufficient for a month of use, and a special mechanism located on the lid of the kettle informs us about the need to replace the filter.

Kettle with filter or disposable bottle?

During the day one adult should drink at least two liters of water, then our body will be properly hydrated. Which makes at least one large bottle a day. On a monthly or yearly basis, this is a huge amount of waste that we produce, not including other garbage of course.

However, in the case of a kettle with a filter, even if we decide on a cheaper version made of plastic, the whole family uses only one filter per month! But the kettle itself can stay with us for many years, and if we take extra care not to let limescale collect in it, then even longer. You can also pour water from the kettle into bottles and take it with you, which also significantly reduces the production of waste, this time small plastic bottles with drinks.

It is worth introducing healthy habits into our lives and choosing better, greener solutions. If you are very active or want to take your own water to work, it is worth choosing bottles with a carbon filter, which work on a similar principle as kettles. You can conveniently fill the bottle anywhere and enjoy clean and ecologically obtained water. One cartridge is enough to filter up to 150 liters of water!

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