Modern cleaning equipment

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Modern cleaning equipment
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Tired of homemade cleaning methods that don’t work? Looking for new solutions? Find out what tools are missing in your cleaning artillery.

Reach for professional products

There’s nothing more annoying than buying an expensive cleaner at the supermarket only to realise after testing it that it wasn’t worth the money. Not only does it take far too long to work, but it also requires a lot of force and constant scrubbing to scrape every last bit of dirt off the countertop. Annoyed and frustrated, we reach for the trusty mixture of dish liquid and vinegar. But even this method fails. What now?

Reach for professional cleaners, which are designed precisely for troublesome stains. They do not cost more than supermarket products, and thanks to the high concentration of active substances in their composition, they are not afraid of any household dirt. You will never again have to bother with cleaning the oven or sink – you will save both time and nerves.

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The robot will do it for you

When they first appeared on the market in the early 2000s, robot vacuum cleaners were a major breakthrough, accessible only to a few due to their high price. With their gradual spread, they have become an indispensable tool for any self-respecting housewife. They are a great convenience for every busy woman, thanks to which she can spend those few spare minutes to relax, while the floors vacuum themselves. Plus, you can get this nifty robot for less than a thousand zlotys.

However, did you know that roombos are not the only automated alternative to typical cleaning devices? In addition to standalone vacuum cleaners, you can easily purchase a floor cleaning robot. And those of us who especially hate washing windows will surely be delighted with a modern, automated window cleaner designed just for this purpose.

Something for animal lovers

For those of us who live with our four-legged friends, it is obvious how time-consuming cleaning after our pets can be. Constantly watching whether the litter box is definitely not dirty, because our beloved cat will not stoop to the level of taking care of his needs in a bad-smelling toilet. Changing the dog mats every few hours because the smell of urine is not something you want to smell when you’re eating dinner with your family.

Calm. And for these housekeeper problems, modern technology has found a solution.

Smart cat litter boxes have recently entered the market, which are able to dispose of cat feces on their own thanks to a rotating mechanism. Thanks to the motion sensor, they detect when the cat leaves the toilet, and then sift the dirty litter and separate it from the clean one. All you have to do is scoop up the prepared bag and throw it away.

Difficult dirt requires heavy artillery

Sometimes, however, our problem is not lack of time to clean, but the type of dirt we are dealing with. Unfortunately, even the old tried and tested methods for cleaning a house can fail when faced with a particularly stubborn stain on the floor. Then the only solution may be to reach for professional cleaning tools, which you will find at

However, such devices can be expensive and take up a lot of free space that you would rather use for something else. All is not lost. You can always decide to rent a scrubber instead of buying one. This will save you a considerable amount of money, and your problem of a troublesome stain will be history.

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