Storage for vacuum cleaner and cleaning products – how to organize?

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Storage for vacuum cleaner and cleaning products – how to organize?

Vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, laundry dryer, detergents and cloths – household appliances and cleaning products seem endless. We usually hide them in corners around the house to keep them from glaring, and it would be best to keep them in one place. We suggest how to cleverly and functionally arrange storage for household appliances and cleaning products.

In any apartment, it is worthwhile to set aside a place to store cleaning products and cleaning equipment. This will definitely make home organization easier and help to functionally use the space. In a large detached house, we can separate an autonomous utility room, where we will store:

  • mop bucket,
  • vacuum cleaner,
  • folding laundry dryer,
  • ironing board,
  • washing powders and liquids,
  • cleaning detergents,
  • tools. 

However, in smaller houses and apartments, separating a separate room for such equipment and means is sometimes even impossible due to limited space. Then a good solution will be the purchase of a utility closet, which will facilitate the storage of the above-mentioned equipment.

What kind of utility cabinet to choose?

On the market we can find utility cabinets and closets in various forms and shapes, but most often it is a tall, narrow piece of furniture, suitable for storing, for example, vacuum cleaners, mops, etc. We must tailor the choice of cabinet to our own needs. Before buying, let’s consider what we will want to keep in it and how much space we can allocate for it. Let’s also pay attention to the material from which the furniture is made. If you want the cabinet to stand in the bathroom or basement, then you should choose a model made of materials resistant to moisture and rust. Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel are particularly durable. Acid-resistant steel is also distinguished by its resistance to corrosive substances, so a utility cabinet made of this material will work well for storing strong chemicals. If there are children at home, it is worth opting for a piece of furniture that can be locked with a key or padlock. This will prevent our kids from having access to corrosive cleaning products.

The capacity of the cabinet is also important, especially if we intend to hide a lot of detergents, jars or heavier equipment and tools in it, for example, a drill. Some utility cabinets can even accommodate a washer and dryer to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

The interior of a utility closet

The purchase of a utility closet alone is not enough to bring order to the house. Thoughtful arrangement of its interior will be crucial. Most cabinets are equipped with shelves, baskets and handles, but if we are not satisfied with their arrangement or their number is unsatisfactory, we can buy more and attach them ourselves, for example, on the inside of the door. The baskets will hold cloths, sponges, brushes or replaceable vacuum cleaner bits. In larger and more firmly attached baskets you can put cleaning products. It’s also a good idea to attach hooks on which to hang a broom and dustpan. If you lack space for more cleaning accessories, choose wall pockets. Also useful can be rods that we will place at any height, and holders adapted to store an iron, vacuum cleaner or mop with a bucket.

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