What materials to choose towels from?

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What materials to choose towels from?
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Wrapping yourself in a soft, warm towel after getting out of the bath is one of the most enjoyable parts of your evening routine. Unfortunately, not every towel is pleasant to the touch or absorbent, or at least doesn’t stay that way for long. What materials are best to choose towels that are nice to use and do not lose their properties after a few washes? We give you a hint!


The most commonly used material for towels is cotton. This is mainly due to its absorbency, which definitely distinguishes it from other natural fabrics. Terry cloth is a type of cotton fabric, but not always, used for towels. It absorbs water fantastically, is very durable, very pleasant to the skin and with proper care of such a towel, remains soft for a long time. Its fibers, woven in a very specific way are practically inseparable. The downside of heavy and thick terry towels is that they take a long time to dry, so they can acquire an unpleasant smell and are not always ready for use. At https://www.lozkoholicy.pl/ you can buy beautiful cotton towels that are very soft to the touch

Cotton is also often used to make waffle cloth towels. Its name comes from its distinctive pattern, resembling the embossing on waffles. It is much less pleasant to the touch, as it is rougher, but it absorbs water just as well as other cotton fabrics. Because it has no protruding fibers, it is more durable, as it does not lose its fluffiness. For this reason, it is often used for hotel towels that go through the wash hundreds of times


Microfiber towels are otherwise known as quick-dry towels. They are made of flat microfiber thin and lightweight, highly absorbent towels that are usually available at sporting goods stores. This is a very convenient option for people who travel a lot or, for example, often visit the swimming pool, because the drying time of such towels is really impressive. Flat microfiber is a fabric with a very tight weave, which makes its surface smooth. This is the safest fabric for hair scales and skin that is sensitive to rubbing. The downside is the composition of this fabric, a huge part of which is polyester. So if you’re trying to live green and limit plastic, microfiber towels are not the best possible option. Unfortunately, they also have a very specific texture that can resemble a combination of fabric and rubber. Never wash microfiber towels with fabric softener or fabric softener. It will make the material lose its absorbency and become very difficult to use

Bamboo fibers

A better, natural and more eco-friendly alternative to microfiber towels is bamboo fabric. This is also a very tightly woven, smooth material that is safe for skin and hair. However, bamboo towels do not contain microplastic, so they do not release it into the water during use or washing. Bamboo fiber fabric is extremely soft, gentle on the skin and absorbent, and dries faster than terry cloth. A bamboo admixture is sometimes added to cotton in the manufacture of terry cloth to increase its absorbency and strength

Using towels is a very tactile activity. Their softness, texture, and delicacy are important and needed to make them enjoyable to use. When choosing towels, always keep your sensory experience in mind

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