Vacuum cleaner with mop. How does it work and is it worth buying?

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Vacuum cleaner with mop. How does it work and is it worth buying?
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A vacuum cleaner with a cleaning function will be ideal for people who shy away from mopping and vacuuming. The unit is clean, you don’t have to constantly rinse it or change bags, it’s quiet, and it takes up less space

Working principle

There are two types of upright vacuum cleaners with cleaning function, i.e. battery-powered and mains-powered. The product with the first option allows us to go anywhere with the device, while the mains power supply makes us limited by the cable.

Thanks to the multifunctionality offered by the vacuum cleaner, we can of course vacuum with it, where traditionally air is drawn in, and with it debris in the form of sand, crumbs, etc

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An innovation is the washing function. Just pour water and detergent into the container and connect it to the equipment. A brush with a microfiber attachment gets moistened and then picks up stains and dirt.


The discrepancy in the prices of mop vacuums is huge. Their cost ranges from 400,00 zł to even 4 000,00 zł. The difference is mainly due to the number of additional features, as well as the quality of the material, or the capacity of the battery. However, it is worth investing in a more expensive model because of energy efficiency, ecology and convenience of use.

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