Hybrid nails without leaving home

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Hybrid nails without leaving home
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Wondering how to do hybrid nails without leaving home? If you want to create the perfect hybrid manicure, you can easily learn how. We will tell you what you need to create the styling yourself and how to do it so that you can enjoy the durability of hybrid nail polish for a long time.

Hybrid manicure – what tools do you need to do the styling?

Of course, doing hybrid nails yourself requires months of practice, but it is great fun! Doing a manicure yourself allows you a lot of convenience. This way you are able to become a stylist yourself, perfectly identify with trends and paint even more interesting designs every time. Learn about the necessary elements that will allow you to take care of creating the styles of your dreams

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  • The most important thing is that you have the rightcolor, and newer and newer collections make it possible to create truly unique hairstyles at home. Among the wide range of colors you can choose the solutions that are best for you
  • Base and top hybrids are essential products. Thanks to them we are able to create many interesting hairstyles. The hybrid base is the first element that is applied to the plate when creating a manicure. Thanks to this it is possible to create a decoration with good adhesion and durability. Some of these products guarantee the possibility of extending the natural nail length. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the hybrid top. This is the last lacquer, which allows for an excellent fixation of the manicure. Among the available assortment of the most popular manufacturers you will find tops with and without a dispersion layer. In the absence of a dispersion layer, it is unnecessary to use a cleanser.
  • Nail accessories – to create a hybrid style you will need acetone and anail cleaner. File – with this, you can file the nail plate and get the desired nail shape. Polisher – with the help of a polisher you can smoothen and matt the nail plate. Wooden stick and picks – these tools allow you to remove cuticles and help you get rid of hybrid varnish

What is a cleaner used for? First of all, it’s an essential liquid for degreasing the plate. We use it before the application of a hybrid base and at the end of styling – to wipe the dispersion layer of the top. Acetone, on the other hand, is one of the elements that we can use when removing varnish

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A solution for beginners – hybrid kits

Nowadays, many people decide to do their nail styling on their own. This is a great solution when you want to improve your skills or save time and money. There are many well-equipped hybrid kits available on the market, which are complete with the basic elements mentioned above. In this way, you can start your adventure with performing a hybrid manicure in your own home and get acquainted with various products.

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