Streak-free mirrors, monitors and windows

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Streak-free mirrors, monitors and windows

Cleaning mirrors, monitors and windows seems like a simple task, but very often streaks appear afterwards. How can you clean these surfaces so that there are no streaks?

How do I clean a mirror?

Cleaning a mirror may seem like a simple task, but streaks often appear. How to solve this problem?

Clean the mirror with a neutral pH detergent (about 7), a soft cloth or paper towel. You can use glass cleaning liquid to clean the mirror, but it must not have in its composition vinegar, ammonia or citric acid. Check the composition of the liquid before using it.

Resistant stains from the mirror can be washed off with warm water and a cloth. After washing, wipe the mirror very carefully with a dry microfiber cloth.

If there is difficult to remove dirt on the surface of the mirror, you can use steel wool marked “000” or “00” to clean it. Only the surface needs to be cleaned with this method, not the frame as it can be scratched.

What should I not use for cleaning mirrors?

Many manufacturers of mirrors recommend that you do not use acidic or strongly alkaline detergents for cleaning mirrors. Such products can damage the silver under the mirror. Therefore, do not use water with vinegar, water with ammonia or lotion to clean mirrors.

How to clean monitors to be streak-free?

Any type of monitors and modern TVs should be cleaned when they are off. If a monitor has a matte matrix, it is more difficult to clean than a monitor with a glossy matrix. When cleaning, be very careful that the cleaning substance does not drip onto the frame, as a short circuit may occur.

Monitors should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. LCD monitors can be cleaned with glass cleaner. Isopropyl substances (isopropyl alcohol) and monitor cleaner also do not leave marks on monitors. A cheaper way to clean a monitor is with warm water and a microfiber cloth.

Do not clean monitors with paper towels because they scratch the surface. It is a bad idea to clean the monitor with dishwashing liquid because it leaves streaks. Do not clean LCD monitors with substances such as acetone, ethyl alcohol, ammonia, metal chloride, ethyl acid and toluene, because these substances can damage the monitor.

How to clean windows to be streak-free?

The most common way to clean streak-free windows is with glass cleaner, a microfiber cloth and paper towels or squeegee. A modern way to clean streak-free windows is with a steam cleaner.

To clean your windows quickly and without leaving any streaks on them, it is best to use “glass cleaning wipes”. All you have to do is wipe and you’re done. Wipes are not suitable for heavily soiled windows.

An interesting way to clean windows that does not leave streaks is to wash them with car washer fluid. This liquid is great for removing dust and dirt, leaving a protective layer on the windows (dust settles more slowly, and the water runs off more quickly).Home way to clean windows without streaks is water with vinegar. About how to effectively clean the windows with homemade methods, you can also read in the article:Cleaning windows step by step“.

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