ZEN during the wash – the quiet washing machine

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ZEN during the wash – the quiet washing machine
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The noise generated by a washing machine can be a real nuisance for both the household members and the neighbors behind the wall. Doing laundry at night or early in the morning is usually impossible due to excessive noise. However, nowadays we have solutions available, which can eliminate similar inconveniences. See how to choose a quiet washing machine!

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What influences the noise level of a washing machine?

Many models of washing machines use a classic cage motor, which generates mechanical energy with the help of special brushes. The source of unbearable noise is the friction between these elements. With older models of washing machines, the sound generated can be very annoying even at low drum speeds

Squirrel-cage vs. inverter motor

Inverter motors are used in washing machines designed not to generate too much noise during operation. The energy is generated by magnets instead of brushes. This solution eliminates the problem of friction and also saves energy. So, a quiet washing machine will not only increase the comfort of use, but also be more efficient.

Direct drive motor

More and more manufacturers are using direct drive inverter motors, which are able to transfer energy directly to the drum without using the drum belt. This solution eliminates friction and thus minimizes the noise generated even during intense spinning.

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Vibration dampening

A feature that can reduce the noise of a washing machine during operation is vibration dampening. The special design of the side walls of the washing machine is able to minimize vibrations even during strong spinning. For example, Bosh in one of its models has applied AntiVibration Design, which helps to reduce the noise when the washing machine is running even at high speed

Night programme

Quiet washing machines are more and more often equipped with a special night program, which allows for even greater reduction of noise during operation. During the washing cycle, the noise generated by the washing machine is so minimal that it is possible to run it even late at night.

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