Country eggs. Where and how to buy?

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Country eggs. Where and how to buy?

Many people are convinced of the superiority of the taste and quality of farm eggs over those bought in a supermarket or regular store. What to look for when buying eggs and where to get them?

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Where to buy

It’s no secret that the best place to buy eggs is from some friendly farmer who has a farm outside the city. In this case, it is worth at least once to go and see in what conditions live chickens, whose eggs we will eat. If we do not have such an opportunity, we can always go to buy rural eggs in stores with organic food. A worse choice is to buy eggs at markets or fairs. Then, unfortunately, we are not sure what quality they are. When choosing eggs, of course, it is best to ask for the freshest copies possible. When you buy eggs from the farmer for the second time in a row and you are sure about their quality, you can also ask for them not to be washed, then they will stay fresh for longer.

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