How to get rid of clothes we don’t wear?

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How to get rid of clothes we don’t wear?

There are probably no people who have only the clothes they need in their closet. Autumn is an excellent time to check what we wear and get rid of unnecessary clothes. However, how do you do it and where can you donate your undamaged items?

How to get rid of clothes – where to start?

During each season, it is advisable to completely reorganize our closet, if possible. And consequently, put away thin summer blouses and short shorts, and replace them with sweaters and long pants. At this point, we often find that a mass of clothes no longer fit us, or our taste has simply changed and we would like to get rid of them. At that point, it’s worth checking which of them are still usable and putting them away in a separate pile. The same goes for things for children and adults. 

Individual items of clothing that we don’t wear may be useful to others. You can check the Facebook of the local community or even make a relevant post, offering clothes for free or for a nominal fee. However, this is only one option! If you want to make money, you may be tempted to contact a friendly lumpx, to which you can donate your well-preserved clothes. After the sale, you will then receive the corresponding amount, deducted, of course, by the fee imposed by the owner of the secondhand store. Remember, however, that this option will work in a small number of places, due to the problem of billing.

You can also take advantage of bazaars. There are bazaars in larger and smaller towns, where it is possible to buy a place once, where you can set up a table and sell any items. We guarantee that you will then manage to sell a lot of them! There is also the option of listing things on a shopping platform, but this process is extremely tedious and you actually have to wait a long time before you manage to sell anything. This is changing, however, and second-hand clothes are becoming increasingly popular.

Where to donate unwanted clothes?

What about clothes that are not wearable? They then need to be thrown away, but not in the regular trash. Such waste is placed in a textile container or a specially designated container. This way they will undergo a recycling process and be recycled into other things. Such a process is environmentally friendly and increasingly popular in the world. You can also use only fabric scraps and make them into furniture cleaning cloths or floor rags. 

If you have children, torn blouses, sweatshirts or socks can make them a lot of fun. Then it’s worth making them into toys or clothes for dolls and teddy bears. We guarantee that such solutions will bring joy to both you and your children, and at the same time you will get rid of unwanted and damaged clothes, which will get a second life, so to speak!

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