Goat milk not only for bathing

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Goat milk not only for bathing

Goat milk is ideal for people who are interested in eating healthy. Not everyone realizes that this product has a number of other uses, including more than just food. Many people use it for bathing, among other things. What else can we use goat milk for?

Cow’s milk – to drink or not to drink?

Choosing goat’s milk very often involves giving up its cow’s milk counterpart. Why is it not worth deciding on cow’s milk? First of all, this product, due to its high lactose and casein content, is one of the most common causes of allergies. There are many scientific indications that casein derivatives, can cause the growth of cancer cells. An additional downside of this natural product is that its frequent consumption can cause the formation of atherosclerotic deposits.

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Goat milk – an essential solution in the kitchen

Goat milk is used primarily as a healthier and safer alternative to cow’s milk. It can be used in soups, puddings and even cakes. One of the most popular products is goat cheese, which is a perfect variety for dishes such as pasta or casseroles. Why is goat milk so popular? First of all, due to the fact that this product usually comes from organic production. In such conditions, animals have the space to function properly, grow and develop and are not subjected to antibiotic therapy. These types of products also have a very similar composition to breast milk. Nevertheless, cow’s milk and goat’s milk are very close to each other, so one and the other can prove to be a reason for allergic reactions. Goat milk is also a wealth of valuable vitamins, including vitamin A, which affects our eyesight, skin and metabolic processes occurring in our body. In addition, the product is characterized by a high content of vitamin B13, which has a positive effect on the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, allows a strong stimulation of muscle growth, protects the liver and has an anti-arthritic effect. In addition, goat milk has a high content of vitamin D, which is responsible for the condition of our skin and is able to improve our mood. Unlike cow’s milk, this natural product is easy to digest. For example, a dose of cow’s milk takes up to 4 hours to digest, while goat’s milk takes 20 minutes

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Goat milk and its use in cosmetology

For many years, women have been successfully using goat milk for dry skin. All this is due to the high amount of linoleic acid that is contained in it. In addition, taking into account its natural pH, which is the same as our skin, goat milk can be used as an ingredient-base for self-made cosmetics. What is more, lactic acid is an ingredient that stimulates cell renewal and, additionally, is an ideal exfoliating agent. The goat milk product makes an excellent ingredient in many cosmetics, including creams, shampoos, body lotions and conditioners

Goat milk is an ideal substitute for cow’s milk. First of all, it is worth noting that this natural product is free of lactose and casein. It is ideal for people with allergies to various substances in cow’s milk. In addition, goat milk is characterized by a high content of complete protein, B vitamins and other valuable nutrients. Its valuable properties, which have been used in cosmetology for centuries, include: stimulation of cell renewal, nourishing the skin, healing burns and exfoliating the epidermis

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