What to clean your laptop with? Proven ways

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What to clean your laptop with? Proven ways

Every laptop owner knows that cleaning this device is quite a feat. So what are some quick and reliable methods to get rid of dirt from your computer?

Right after purchase, the laptop even shines. However, after a few months, the computer usually no longer looks so good. In addition, you may notice that its performance is also not as it should be. The reason could be lingering dirt. Of course, you can return the equipment to a professional salon, where they will thoroughly remove everything, but it is known that this involves a considerable expense. Fortunately, you can successfully clean the equipment yourself. Just how to do it?

What do we need to clean a laptop?

To clean the computer you will need several things that will make the whole process go quickly and, importantly, thoroughly. To clean the screen and keyboard, a microfiber cloth will work well. In turn, to remove dirt from the ports and the interior, sanitary sticks will come in handy. As you know, a lot of crumbs and dust accumulate on the keyboard and around and under individual keys – a fine-bristle brush and compressed air can help in this situation.

It is also worth getting a special laptop cleaner. Such preparations are available at any home appliances and electronics store. If you plan to disassemble the computer to remove dirt from inside the case, a set of screwdrivers of various thicknesses will come in handy.

Where to start cleaning?

Before we start removing dirt from the laptop, we must undoubtedly turn it off. Never clean equipment while it is plugged in, then it is easy to damage. The laptop can also be turned upside down at first, then some of the dirt and crumbs will fall out. The fastest way is to spray a cloth with a special product and wipe the laptop. Such a procedure is not thorough, but if it is done regularly, you will certainly avoid thorough cleaning for a long time. The cloth must be microfiber, as using a hard cloth could scratch the equipment. If we do not have a special liquid for cleaning the computer, we can slightly moisten the cloth, but beware – it must not be wet, so that water does not get inside the device. It is always a good idea to wipe the screen several times, then we will avoid streaks and be sure that we have removed dirt thoroughly. Sanitary sticks are perfect for cleaning dirt, from all kinds of nooks and crannies, where it is impossible for us to reach, using a cloth. A sensational product for cleaning computers is compressed air. We can get rid of even old dirt with it, and such in hard-to-reach places. You can also use it to clean the fans in the laptop. This should not be forgotten, as it keeps the equipment in working order. If you decide to dismantle the computer, it should be done with the appropriate instructions or with the help of a video from the Internet. In this regard, however, it is worth giving the equipment to a professional, so as not to damage the device.

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