Cleaning robots – which robot will work at home?

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Cleaning robots – which robot will work at home?
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Wondering which cleaning robot will work well in your home or office? Lately, these are some of the most popular and desired home appliances because of their innovative capabilities. We check which cleaning robots will work best for you.

Types of cleaning robots

Even before deciding to purchase a given device, it is worth to familiarize yourself with the available options. Currently on the market we can find a number of proposals with different functions. Among the categories of cleaning robots, the most frequently mentioned are devices with the possibility of vacuuming, mopping and washing windows.

How do cleaning robots work?

Cleaning robots are much smaller than the average vacuum cleaner. Despite this, they can perfectly handle hard to reach places and deal with any dirt. An important feature remains their use of special software in the system. In this way, they are perfectly oriented in space, they can plan the route they will take and avoid obstacles standing in their way. Cleaning robots are mobile, powered by a battery that must be recharged from time to time, which guarantees trouble-free work for many hours

What to consider when choosing the perfect cleaning robot?

When choosing the right cleaning robot should pay attention to parameters such as

  • battery capacity,
  • waste container capacity,
  • motor power,
  • motion sensors

What is the capacity of the battery in the cleaning robot?

Many people, when choosing the right cleaning robot, check only the capacity of the battery. It should be remembered that the larger the battery, the more energy is needed to operate the device. Such a battery can quickly run out of power

Battery life on a single charge – is it important for a cleaning robot?

Instead of focusing on the capacity of the battery, it is worth paying attention to the expected work time on a single charge. It is best to decide to buy cleaning robots that are able to work from an hour to 2. Of course, there are models on the market whose working time is longer than 120 minutes, but their price may not be satisfactory for everyone. When choosing a given product, we must pay attention to the fact that with the time of use of a given device, its maximum amount of work on a single charge may be reduced

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How much to charge the cleaning robot?

Before buying the selected product, our attention should not escape the equally important parameter, which is the time of charging the battery. Depending on the model chosen, we can expect a charging time of three to even five hours. Its quality and capacity are important

Waste container

Of course, we must be aware that cleaning robots belong to a small device. Therefore, the space for waste and pollution is small. It is worth paying attention to the tanks, which are characterized by a capacity of more than half a liter. In this way, we do not have to worry about the fact that the solution will not be sufficient for even several vacuuming cycles. The best and recommended by experts solution, is to choose equipment with a container for waste over one liter

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