How to make fidget toys? Invite the kids to play!

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How to make fidget toys? Invite the kids to play!
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Fidget toys have stolen the hearts of adults and children all over the world. There are many types and models of these anti-stress toys available in the market, which help to occupy your hands with something and concentrate. Their additional advantage is that they do not make loud sounds. Importantly, you don’t have to buy them from the store. Make them yourself at home and get your kids involved!

Anti-stress squishies

You will need:

  • some coloured balloons
  • clay or play-doh
  • bottle caps
  • scissors
  • hot glue


Cut off the top part of the balloon. Put some Plasticine or clay inside and form a ball, cut off the rest of the balloon. Do the same with the rest of the balloons. Then take the nut and inside fill the bottom of the nut with hot glue where you will place the ball. You can use small caps, then put less clay, or you can use larger ones, such as from 5l bottles, then put more filling. Finally, glue the caps together in a shape that is comfortable to hold, such as a triangle. And you’re done!

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