Ballet for kids. Why choose these classes?

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Ballet for kids. Why choose these classes?
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Ballet for kids has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Are you wondering if your child would also be interested in ballet classes?

If your little one doesn’t like to sit still, loves movement, fun and is always bursting with energy, it’s definitely worth trying! Ballet is not just pirouettes and a beautiful tulle skirt. It’s a type of activity that will bring a lot of benefits to your child and may turn out to be a real passion!

What is ballet for kids?

Ballet classes are tailored to the abilities and predispositions of the child. The most important issue is the desire of the child to participate. Learning ballet begins with exercises that affect the impeccable figure and the way of moving

After mastering this part, the time comes for ballet exercises. The child learns how to perform twine, stars and bridges, and then comes exercises at the bar, jumps and pirouettes. It is a good idea to sign up your child for classes as early as possible, some schools offer classes even from the age of 3. Classes are usually led by experienced dancers who know how to establish good contact with the child and can entertain even the most bored toddler.

Benefits of ballet

There are really many benefits to taking ballet classes. First of all, it improves motor coordination and affects the correct posture. After just a few classes a child can stop hunching and start keeping a straight figure. During the classes a lot of emphasis is placed on movement and strengthening activities that affect all parts of the body, especially the leg muscles

Thanks to ballet exercises, the child begins to move much more gracefully, lightly and limberly and improves their physical condition. Ballet exercises strengthen the mid-foot, but also support the therapy of longitudinal flatfoot. A child who is struggling with excess weight, thanks to the variety of exercises performed, will surely lose those excess kilograms, his/her figure will become slimmer and shapely

Ballet has a positive impact not only on the posture, but also on the psyche of a child. During ballet classes, a child learns to memorize movements and their order, creating choreographies. In this way, he exercises his concentration and self-discipline, which will be noticeable in other areas of life, such as studies or school duties.

Contact with many works of famous composers, learning about ballet, its history, dance, costumes and acting, shapes musical sensitivity and improves the sense of rhythm. During the classes, the child has the opportunity to learn about the structures of various dance disciplines, including classical, folk and contemporary.

Participation in joint games, tasks, routines and choreographies is sure to help overcome shyness and inner barriers. Children help each other with hair and makeup, putting on costumes and warming up. They spend time together in the dressing room, during rehearsals and on stage. All of this teaches them the importance of teamwork and helps them understand that success is determined by the efforts of everyone, not just one or two people

Ballet classes also have a great impact on children’s imagination and form good habits. Punctuality, healthy eating, taking care of one’s own body, mental and physical condition, self-acceptance, striving for a goal, realizing dreams – these are just some of the benefits that ballet can bring.

Attire for ballet class

If you’re worried that a little ballerina outfit is expensive, it’s not necessary. At the beginning, ballet shoes, a tight-fitting T-shirt and white leggings or tights are enough. It is important that the outfit was comfortable and did not restrict movement. For some girls a big incentive will be a tulle skirt, so it is worth to fulfill the child’s dream.

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It does not matter whether your child wants to become a dancer or just likes to spend time actively – such classes will certainly be beneficial in many ways. However, keep in mind that because of the constant training and repetition of the same exercises, not every child will like these classes. In such a situation, you should not force your child to participate.

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