Types of plastic. We check which is the safest?

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Types of plastic. We check which is the safest?

Plastic is a widely used plastic. Almost everything is made of it. So it is worth choosing the safest one, but which one is it?

Modern times belong to plastic. And although more and more people are aware that it is not a good plastic for the environment and are trying to give it up, plastic still reigns wherever we go. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of different products are made from it. So if we already have to use it, it is worth choosing the one that is safest for our health. That’s why it’s worth looking at the markings that are on plastic items

PET or 01 – the most commonly used plastic

The plastic that is most often used is PET, which is marked with the symbol 01. It is used to make beverage bottles, is characterized by the fact that it is very light and transparent. Therefore, in a way, it can be considered a competitor of glass packaging. This plastic is also used to make containers for yogurt, as well as film for wrapping, for example, cheese or meat, or boxes for some fruits. 

Unfortunately, few people are aware that PET plastic is not one of the safest. Fact – it can come into contact with food, but few people know that it cannot be washed or exposed to the sun. When exposed to high temperatures, plastic produces compounds that are dangerous to our health. These, in turn, can then penetrate into products that come into contact with this plastic.

PET plastic can contain xenoestrogens, which in excess cause obesity, diabetes and even breast or prostate cancer.

HDPE plastic – marked 02

This plastic is definitely safer. It is the one used to make toys for the youngest. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are appearing who choose to use HDPE for food packaging as well. However, this plastic is more expensive, so you have to reckon with the fact that yogurt in such plastic will probably cost more. Health, however, should not be spared.  

PVC plastic marked with the symbol 03

Such plastic is usually used in the construction industry. It is used to make window frames, pipes or veneers. It is also used in medicine to manufacture catheters or syringes. However, it is rarely used for food storage. This should certainly not change, as 03 can emit toxic substances.

LDPE plastic designated as 04

This is the plastic used to make food wrap, garbage bags or commercials. The plastic is relatively safe, but exposure to the sun and high temperatures should be avoided.

PP designated as 05

PP plastic is safe and can come into contact with food. It is also used to make bottle stoppers, and in the construction industry it is used to make pipes or wire insulation. The plus side of this plastic is that it can be reused.

main photo: unsplash.com/Nick Fewings

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