How to decorate the house with pillows

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How to decorate the house with pillows
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Making a house your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be achieved with a few stylish decorative touches. Throws and cushions are some of the easiest ways to transform a space, as they can be relatively inexpensive and offer great flexibility.

Simple Steps To Add Pizzazz With Pillows

Nothing updates a living space quite like a splash of color. Throws and cushions provide the perfect opportunity to show your personal style, adding color and texture with very little effort. Pillows can brighten a space and, depending on the design and size, create either a calm and tranquil atmosphere or an exuberant and uplifting one.

Create Cozy Vignettes

Nothing brings warmth and texture to a room quite like a few cozy throws and cushions. Instead of decorating the space with one throw or one pillow, you can add depth and texture by creating different vignettes with several complementary pieces. Not only do throws add comfort, but they can also tie the color scheme together. Try matching cushions of various sizes and colors with throws of contrasting shades, and mix prints and solids to add variety and personality.

Color Coordination

In addition to visualizing each throw as its own mini-vignette, consider grouping your pillows and throws by color. Try bringing out a muted shade that’s already featured in your home’s décor to tie the elements together. When done correctly, this will create a more serene and pulled-together aesthetic.

Work with Texture

It is important to remember that visual interest doesn’t come from color alone. When playing with pillows and throws, it is equally important to consider the textures involved. For example, velvet is quite an indulgent fabric, providing an unexpected bit of sophistication in a living space. In contrast, knitted and waffled fabrics bring more casual vibes and look wonderful when thrown over a chair or used to frame the bed.

Multi-Functional Solutions

Having multiple pillows and throws in a space provides functional benefits as well. Large, rectangular pillows are perfect for transforming sofas and armchairs into the ultimate lounging space. A decorative cushion with tassels or embroidery makes a great backrest, while additional throws can double as an inviting blanket on chilly days.

A few well-chosen throws and pillows can do wonders to enhance the comfort of your home and express your personal style. Keep these tips in mind when you’re picking out your perfect cushion or throw, and you’ll have an inviting space in no time!

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