How to decorate a dining room combined with a living room in a modern way?

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How to decorate a dining room combined with a living room in a modern way?

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Combining a dining room with a living room is a great solution in apartments with a small area. When arranging this type of room, it is worth taking care that the arrangement is coherent, functional and has separate zones for eating and rest

An apartment, in which the dining room opens onto the living room, gives the impression of being more spacious and allows you to save a lot of space. It also allows us to host more people and talk to them while preparing and serving dishes. A shared space thus serves both the integration of household members and allows you to have your children playing in the living room in sight while you cook. Thanks to the connection of dining room and living room, it is also much easier to light the main room.

Colors of walls and furniture

If we want to optically enlarge the room, it is worth betting on subtle colors of walls and equipment. Bright colors, such as white, beige or gray, will make the space look visually larger. In arrangements combining a dining room with a kitchen it is particularly important to maintain a consistent color scheme. A great complement to the interior in a modern style will be simple in form furniture, and muted colors. If you have more space, you can safely invest in a set including a white dining table and upholstered dining chairs. You can find white and grey dining sets with elegant design at

Modern furnishings

Modern style in interiors usually combines the use of new technologies with harmonious and timeless design elements. An apartment furnished according to the principles of this style will be distinguished by furniture with simple shapes, neutral, muted colors and uncomplicated forms. A large role in modern arrangements play primarily space, light and symmetry. Already at the design stage it is worth creating a coherent vision so as to have every detail of the decor refined. The interior should be adapted to the needs of the user, and in the modern style it is functionality that is the answer to the challenges of modernity. A practically furnished apartment is conducive to leading a fast lifestyle and is easier to keep clean

It’s often said that the table is the heart of the dining room. It’s where the most important conversations, shared meals and toasts take place. If you have little space, choose an extending or round table. Rounded edges may also be safer for children. It’s important that the table is stable and can accommodate everyone in your household. You can find durable and stylish dining tables at

If you want to save space, it is worth choosing bar chairs, called hockers. This solution is often used by owners of bedsits, because this type of furniture is distinguished by its practicality. Bar chairs can be placed at a kitchen island or an extended countertop, which serves as a table in a small kitchen. They are ergonomic, have a soft seat, and offer the option of back support and a footrest. They are usually chosen for modern, loft or industrial style interiors. Bright models, devoid of ornaments, will also suit minimalist or Scandinavian interiors. The practical aspects of bar chairs include a fully swiveling and easy to clean seat. The sturdy construction and non-slip base add to the stability of the hocker design. You can find a wide selection of bar chairs in velour and eco leather on

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