Control your household finances with your smartphone

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Control your household finances with your smartphone

A smartphone is an extremely versatile tool that can be used in many ways. It is definitely worth using it with a view to controlling home finances. But how to do it? What applications to reach for and how to use them to effectively control the budget? You will find out by reading the following article.

Mobile banking

Huge opportunities related to finances can be found in mobile banking. Access to the banking application allows you to perform all kinds of financial operations from anywhere in the world where there is access to the network. Paying the rent, transferring money to the child, buying products in the online store, recharging the phone – these and many other banking activities can be done conveniently from a smartphone.

Modern applications for bank accounts also include various modules for controlling financial flows, which allow a detailed analysis of expenses and income from different angles. What’s more, the software provided by banks often allows you to handle official matters related to finance, such as applying for benefits such as 500+ or the Good Start 300+ program. And all this is possible without leaving home.

Mobile payments

Until recently, shopping in a store required you to have cash or at least a payment card. In any case, you had to carry a physical object in the form of cash or a piece of plastic to settle the amount due at the store or for a service rendered. Nowadays there is no such necessity, because it is possible to make mobile payments using your phone. How to do it? You need an NFC-enabled smartphone – if you go for Huawei, check out their NFC-enabled devices, which are described on You will also need a contactless mobile payment app such as Google Pay, PeoPay, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Keeping a budget

Controlling your finances requires monitoring your cash flow, especially your spending. If you want to control your budget, you need to know how much you spend and on what – instead of using a traditional notebook or collecting receipts, use the possibilities offered by mobile applications for budgeting. My Finances, Money Lover, HandWallet, Kontomierz or Spendee are only examples of platforms designed for this purpose. Besides the possibility of documenting expenses and income, they also provide access to comprehensive and clear statistics presented in a graphic form. Thanks to this kind of applications you have your finger on the pulse at all times and you gain an accurate insight into your finances which you can effectively control.

Shopping planning

A smartphone will also allow you to precisely plan your spending, including the prices of the various products you intend to buy. Therefore, before you go to the store you already know how much money you will spend on the acquisition of items of interest to you. This is very important, because it is the unforeseen, “extra” products that you do not really need, that often unnecessarily increase the cost of a visit to the store. Some of the most popular shopping apps include Listonic, My Gazette, Simple Shopping List or Out Of Milk. For more interesting content on smartphones, visit the blog at


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