How do you store clothes in the basement or attic?

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How do you store clothes in the basement or attic?

Spring is fast approaching and it is time to take care of what you will wear in the new season and what you should store away. The best place will be the attic or basement, but it’s worth leaning about how to store your clothes so you can still enjoy them for seasons to come.

Clean your clothes

Wash and dry all the clothes you want to put away. This will allow you to get rid of any stains on the items that may become established during storage. Also, you’ll remove any food and dirt residue, which can prove to be a tasty breeding ground for insects. Don’t forget to dry your clothes thoroughly before packing them.

Take care of the smell

Some clothes, especially summer clothes, may start to smell bad at the end of the season. Sometimes some items of clothing are more absorbent than others, which also increases the transfer of bacteria. If you’ve washed your clothes and the smell still lingers, throw them back in the washing machine and add half a cup of baking soda. For a really persistent and lingering odor, the process is worth repeating a few times


Think about what you want to store away and wear next season. Maybe there are clothes that you would like to give to charity or sell, the extra pennies will always come in handy and you will gain some space.

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Storage containers

The most popular are cardboard boxes, but it is worth considering their choice. They are not very resistant to damage especially when the humidity in the room increases. Consider choosing a plastic container, as it is more durable, resistant to damage and you can be sure that it will serve you for several next seasons. Moreover, cardboard boxes can damage delicate fabrics and in addition, it will be tempting for pests such as mice.

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If you have some unused suitcases, you can confidently use them for storage – you don’t have to stock up on containers, which will save space, and in addition, you won’t have to take them to the attic or basement.


A great solution for storing delicate and expensive clothing would be garment covers. They are inexpensive and can also be useful for transporting clothing, such as a dress. If you store delicate fabrics in this way, opt for cotton covers rather than plastic ones.

Take care of your skin

Leather requires special attention from us. Before storing it in the attic or basement, clean it and apply a care oil for better protection. Since leather items will be greasy after impregnation, make sure you have a separate area so you don’t accidentally get your other clothes dirty.


Give your shoes the same protection as your clothes. Clean them as thoroughly as you can and add a pinch of baking soda to prevent odor. Also, stock up on risers so your shoes don’t lose their natural shape during storage.

Basement without moisture

Think about storing things in the basement before it’s too late. It’s the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow, and your clothes may not like it. It’s a good idea to provide extra protection and not put containers directly on the ground.


That is, the bane of clothes storage and associations with unpleasant smelling balls, repelling pests. How to get rid of them? The most important thing is a decent wash! There may be moth eggs on your clothes, so you should do everything to prevent their reproduction. As an added precaution, iron your clothes before storing them. If the windows in your attic or basement are not very tight, think about a little renovation and take care of this element. This way, moths won’t be able to fly into these rooms and you won’t have to use scented balls.

Cedar wood

After a few seasons, your stored clothes may not be of the first freshness and their smell will be far from pleasant. Cedar wood is a great idea to give your closet a pleasant smell, and besides, it will effectively deter pests. Remember that scented items should not directly touch the clothes. Dried lavender will also add a beautiful scent.

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