Best ways to clean windows

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Best ways to clean windows

Streaks are a real nuisance when cleaning windows. Not only do they look terrible on the glass, but they also spoil all the effort put into cleaning. Fortunately, there are a few useful tricks to avoid them.

Cleaning windows not only on holidays

As you know, window cleaning is not most people’s favorite activity. Most often we clean the windows on the occasion of upcoming holidays or during the spring and summer, when the sun’s rays come through our windows, illuminating everything around. Especially then we notice streaks and deposits on our windows which motivate us to take matters into our own hands. And in this case the white glove test is unnecessary, because the sun’s rays will highlight everything that we would not like to see on the glass

However, if we are dealing with deposits on window panes in office buildings, in this case the matter requires immediate reaction. After all, as they see us, so write us, so companies decide to hire special companies that clean windows, which clean them much more often than we do it at home.

What are the basic window cleaning mistakes?

Many of us unknowingly make a few major mistakes when getting down to cleaning our windows. The first is washing windows in the sunlight, which after washing may make us think that the windows are spotlessly clean. In addition, the window heated by the sun dries very quickly, which can also promote unsightly marks. Then only in the evening we can notice that there are many streaks left on the panes. Therefore, it is suggested that windows should be cleaned in the morning or late afternoon. However, you know, everything depends on how you plan your time during the day

Another quite common mistake is choosing the wrong products for window cleaning. It is better to avoid all-purpose products and opt for those that are specifically designed for cleaning windows. It is also worth avoiding products with microbeads or very strong ones so as not to scratch the windows.

Water is also important. Most often we use tap water, which is a grave mistake! This water is most often simply hard, which promotes the formation of streaks that may be impossible to remove! Therefore, it is recommended to wash the windows with boiled and cooled water. However, for very dirty windows you can exceptionally use warm water first and only then wash them with cold water.

The last mistake is polishing the windows… with old newspapers. This practice is not effective at all, and what’s more, it can eventually damage the glass. Poor quality newsprint is usually just rough and by using it for polishing we can expose our windows to microscratches. Plus it’s easy to get your hands dirty with newspaper ink. A paper towel is not effective either, especially since it delaminates when wet and leaves white particles on the glass. That’s why it’s best to reach for absorbent microfiber cloths or, perhaps surprisingly, nylon tights

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How to prepare for window cleaning?

You need to prepare properly for window cleaning. Regardless of what methods and means we will use, the basic tools will be:

  • a microfiber cloth,
  • in the case of tall windows, a telescopic mop ending in a cloth,
  • a rubber squeegee,
  • bucket,
  • an empty spray bottle.

Interestingly, an unused coffee filter can also be useful for cleaning windows; it will help get rid of lint. If, on the other hand, you prefer more convenient, faster and automatic solutions, you may be tempted to buy a specially designed for this type of work washer.

Effective ways to clean windows without streaks!

Cleaning windows without streaks? – yes, it is possible! Just use one of the following effective window cleaning methods to get a sparkling effect without the slightest trace of fluid streaks or residue. Just use:

  • glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid,
  • microfiber cloth and a bowl of water,
  • lemon juice and water solution: half a glass of lemon juice to a glass of water,
  • vinegar solution: 2 teaspoons of vinegar per glass of water,
  • linseed oil – will dissolve difficult dirt (you should grease the window with linseed oil and leave it for one hour, then wash it with glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid,
  • wet wipes,
  • windshield washer fluid,
  • glass cleaner.

As you can see, both simple and traditional home methods and those using detergents or special washers are effective. Regardless of which method we use, each of them will provide us with a long time with streak-free windows.

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