Room for a student. How to create a place to study and play?

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Room for a student. How to create a place to study and play?
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The upcoming school year is an ideal opportunity to make some changes in a child’s room. Whether our student is just starting school or already preparing for matriculation, he needs his own place where he can both study and relax. How to create such a space?

School is not the only place where a child acquires knowledge, develops his skills and discovers the world. Equally important in development is the home space, so every child should have his own corner to study, play and relax. With a well-organized space, our child will feel safe and comfortable.

Study area

The basic equipment for a student’s room should include a desk with a chair. For a child of several years, a small desk and one or two drawers for storing notebooks will suffice. A teenager already needs a larger desk and cabinets to accommodate numerous textbooks, notes and binders.

We always adjust the furniture to the child’s height, following the following guidelines:

  • 98-112 cm of height – chair seat at a height of 26 cm from the floor, desk top at a height of 46 cm;
  • 121-127 cm of height – respectively: 30 cm, 52 cm from the floor;
  • 127-142 cm in height – 34 cm, 58 cm from the floor;
  • 142-157 cm tall – 38 cm, 64 cm from the floor;
  • 157-172 cm tall – 42 cm, 70 cm from the floor.

Since children grow quickly, it is a good idea to buy a desk with an adjustable height top and an adjustable chair.

The desk is best placed near a window, facing or sideways to it, so that the child has access to natural light while studying. During autumn and winter evenings, a lamp with a movable head and arm will also be essential. If the child is right-handed, place the lamp on the left side so that the writing hand does not cast a shadow on the text. Above the desk it is worth placing a cork board for the student’s notes or a functional organizer.

Zone for relaxation

This is the place where the child can regenerate and sleep. The basis of the equipment in this zone is a bed or a comfortable sofa bed. A nightstand or table and appropriate lighting, so that the child can read before bedtime, will also be useful. The mattress should be of high quality, and the bedding should be made of natural, soft fabrics. It is a good idea to choose a bed with capacious drawers. Nearby we can place a chest of drawers or a closet. This arrangement of furniture will make it easier for a student to get ready for school in the morning.

Play area

In the play zone the child can rest, play with friends and develop his interests. We tailor the corner to the needs of the child, taking into account his passions, favorite colors, toys and trinkets. We try to clearly separate the play zone from the rest and study areas, so that the child does not get distracted while falling asleep and studying. Low bookcases and containers or boxes in which to hide toys will be helpful in maintaining order. On the wall you can hang posters and pictures that emphasize the decor of the room or relate to the child’s interests. Shelves for books will also be useful.

For the student’s room try to choose subdued colors, for example, pastels or dim shades of blue, green, yellow and orange. Calm tones will not irritate and distract the child, and will allow him to relax.

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