Mom we want a dog! A dog for the home – the best breeds for children

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Mom we want a dog! A dog for the home – the best breeds for children
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At some point in a child’s development, virtually every mom will hear: “I want a dog!”. Of course, the decision to have a four-legged dog should be well thought out beforehand

Keep in mind that the child often changes his mind, and the dog is a living creature. If you are sure that the new family member will feel comfortable in your home, it is time to choose the right dog. Here are the breeds that are best for kids, but also loved by adults.

Breeds best for kids – ranking


These adorable dogs will be the perfect companion for children’s playtime. They are also considered to be one of the friendliest breeds. If we train them well, they won’t show aggression. Additionally, they love long walks and playing. They need to be occupied with something all the time, that is why busy ten-year-olds or teenagers at home will make them a lot of fun. Also, our kids will be happy to have such a cheerful dog.

French bulldog

In case of this dog appearances are deceiving. French Bulldogs are characterized by a rather massive body, but inside they are sweet and very friendly. They do not reach large sizes – females can weigh only 15-20 kg. They also love movement and playing for example in searching for a ball. They are brave and quite aggressive dogs. Certainly our offspring will not be bored with this particular breed. What is important, French Bulldogs have short hair, easy to cut even at home.

buldog francuski
Photo by Dorota Prokopiak

Scottish collie sheepdog

I’m sure most people are familiar with the movie “Lassie, come back!”. The titular animal character was a Scottish Shepherd Dog, or collie. They are characterized by an unusual attachment to man, trust and intelligence. If a stranger appears near the house, these dogs may show defensive behavior. They need quite a lot of space to live, that’s why they are recommended for homes with a garden or for people who have time for slightly longer walks, for example in the forest.


Newfoundlands are very sociable and gentle. They are ideal for homes where there are small children or infants. They are caring and easy to train.

Icelandic Setter

Is a very friendly dog, but does require special grooming. He must not be punished or beaten. Gradual and gentle training should give good results. Setters love children and are protective of them. When they are mistreated, they can become agitated or run away.

d\dzieci i psy
Photo by freepik from


Poodles may not be associated with children, but they are the perfect dogs for them. You can buy a poodle in both smaller and larger variety. Of course, their size is matched to the age of the child. They are caring and very intelligent dogs. Unfortunately, they are also proud, so their constant nagging may end up in aggression. However, a well-mannered poodle shouldn’t be aggressive towards a child

Poodles have a cheerful disposition and love to play. They even encourage activity on their own, which can be the way to go for a lazy teenager. They have hair, not dander, so they are great for children with allergies.

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Labrador retriever

Labradors love children and want close contact with them. They become very attached and therefore are not suitable for homes where they are left alone for long periods of time. They are very patient and do not show aggression towards children. They are easy to keep clean and comb – even a small child can do it. Labradors have short hair, which is good news for people with allergies. They can’t be bored for long, so they encourage play on their own.

Golden retriever

Retrievers are very calm dogs, similar to Labradors. They become attached to their owner and are very loyal to him. In addition, they need constant contact with man and show a lot of empathy. They love children and playing with them. They are also suitable companions for people with disabilities. They know how to help and are often trained for homes where disabled or blind people live. They are great friends and devoted playmates. Children are sure to be delighted with such a dog.

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