How do you prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby in the house?

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How do you prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby in the house?
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A dog friend is a wonderful companion, but many couples also decide to have a baby.

To make sure your pet doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you bring the newborn home from the hospital, it’s necessary to gradually accustom him to the new situation. Learn about ways to prepare your dog for the arrival of the baby at home.

Get your dog acquainted with other children

A toddler can be a big surprise for our canine friend. Dogs that have never dealt with children not only feel anxious, but often also jealous. So it’s worth introducing your pet to other toddlers. Let your dog approach your friend’s baby, give it a sniff and a look at the little creature.

However, pull him away every time he seems aggressive. He needs to feel that such behavior toward the child is unacceptable. Additionally, it is also a good idea to teach your dog various commands, such as “sit” or “lie down”. In this way, we will stop the pet when it wants to play too aggressively with children.

Children are very energetic, so keep an eye on them and your pet at all times during the first meeting.

Get used to the crying of the baby

Of course, you don’t have to immediately look for a young mom among your friends and invite her with a teething infant to your home. Simply play a recording of the baby’s cries for your dog

At first, set the volume to a lower level so that your pet can get used to the new sound. Don’t draw your dog’s attention to the new sound, act naturally and play with him if he needs it. Over time, increase the volume so the screaming and crying on the recording can be better heard. Over time, your dog will stop paying attention to these sounds, making him calm when the newborn baby arrives and starts crying.

Give him baby clothes to sniff

Quadrupeds get to know the world mainly through their sense of smell. Thanks to it, they can distinguish individual people, but also know where exactly a given object is. Before your baby is born, it is a good idea to accustom your dog to the smell of the baby as well. Give him to smell the baby clothes that the toddler will wear. When the baby actually comes into the world, our darling won’t recognize it as an intruder because it will associate the scent.

Ask a petsitter for help

A pet sitter, as well as a dog behaviorist, will certainly help to properly train your dog to be accustomed to the presence of a baby in the future. If your pet only associates you as the caretaker, try to get him to meet new people. This will make him feel more confident, especially if the guardian is with him during training or walks

Walks between the three of you will also ensure that your pet does not feel pushed away or unloved. Remember that after the birth of a baby, some dogs feel jealousy and resentment towards the new family member. If, during your petsitter’s visits, he notices that you are still interested in him, he will feel calm and not jealous.

Teach your dog to walk on a leash

Walking your stroller and your dog together can be strenuous, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember to prepare your dog to walk on a leash beforehand, without pulling or yanking. Only then the walk together will be a pleasure, and not a fight for survival

Young dogs should learn how to walk on a leash quite early. It’s also worth practicing putting on a collar at home. Give your dog a favorite treat every time he lets himself put on the collar and muzzle without any trouble. During walks, your dog should know that he cannot tug, and he must listen to commands.

For better training, you can also walk your dog on a leash and a stroller before the baby is born. This will help your pet get used to the presence of the device during walks together.

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Familiarize your dog with your daily schedule

Before the baby is born, it is very important to get your pet used to the daily schedule. Having regular times for walking and feeding will make it easier for you to take care of both your dog and your baby. Your dog will also know when he goes for a walk and when he eats. During this time, your attention can focus more on your pet

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It is also important to choose the hours of play. Also get your pet used to playing with other family members. This way, he won’t feel rejected when you, his main caretaker, switch your attention to the newborn. Taming other people in the house is also important so that visiting family members are not a threat to your dog. Familiarize them with your four-legged friend as well. This is important, especially when they will have to take care of him for a while while you start caring for the baby.

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