Passion for children. How do you encourage your child to pursue a passion?

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Passion for children. How do you encourage your child to pursue a passion?
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Interesting interests and a multitude of activities influence a child’s later adjustment to adult life. Remember that a young person is dependent on his/her parents and to a large extent it depends on them which activities he/she will participate in

It is not worth discouraging him or her from taking part in them; on the contrary. Even if the child gives up many lessons, he will eventually find his passion, and we should help him to do so. Here are some tips for parents on how to effectively arouse curiosity about the world in their child

Ask the right questions and listen to the answers

Many adults find it strange and unacceptable, but a few years old child has already formed an opinion on many topics. He or she will try to express it in various ways, although it is not always effective. It is worth taking an interest in your child and watching what he or she likes to do, what things fascinate him or her, what topics he or she likes to talk about. Such casual observations may help us to set the child on the right track. Remember that the child is the most important, not you and your dreams. Parents often try to make them come true by using their children to do so. Unfortunately, usually your needs and your child’s needs will be completely different

How can you recognize that your child is fascinated by something? It is enough to notice a small manifestation of interest in him, for example in the music played on the radio. Pay attention to whether your child laughs when he or she hears melodies, or if he or she likes to play with toys with sound Then it is worth trying to direct the child towards music. It does not always have to be classical music lessons; often dance classes alone are enough for the child to determine whether he or she really enjoys it. The same behaviors are worth watching in relation to drawing or reading books

Don’t demand too much and give constructive criticism

A child has relatively simple needs – he wants to be noticed, praised and appreciated for his achievements. Of course, his personality needs to be determined at the beginning, as everyone’s character is different. Some people feel pressure to be the best because they equate this with praise and positive reinforcement of their accomplishments. A child with this personality may try to do things that we like, which is not what it’s all about

Give your child praise when it is due, but don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism. Your child should feel that you are interested in her, whether she is failing or succeeding. She will even be more motivated if she feels she can trust you because she will never be rejected. Take an interest in her daily life. Observe her among friends, and when she asks, answer, even the most trivial questions. Teach your child that focusing on the goal, striving for success despite adversities, are qualities that will be useful in adult life. Don’t get angry with your child when he/she once again drops out of extra curricular activities or doesn’t achieve high results. Finding a passion is a process, you can’t find it without failures and mistakes

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Help as much as you can, teach independence

Help your child to be… independent. Don’t do everything for them, but if necessary, patiently explain. Give him all the tools to get to the top almost on his own. When a child works on something with only a little help from his parents, he feels more motivated, especially if he sees that he is good at something. It is not worth fulfilling every whim of the child, but you should help him. It is easy to arouse curiosity in a child, you just need to give him enough space to develop his potential. What is more, a sense of independence gives courage in difficult situations, motivates to act and face adversities

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Believe in your child

Even the strangest activity can become interesting for your child. Do not judge the toddler, let him go his own way. It is also not worth negating his/her interests or telling him/her that it is not useful or necessary. The child should have your support and full acceptance. Remember that you do not always have to love your child’s hobbies, but you should accept them. Allow him/her to pursue his/her passion, and in a few years, he/she will surely be grateful to you

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